Tampered Memory

This is my entry for the fantasy writing competition and I am back in my element! (I hope you agree) The first chapter is a teaser for what is coming up, and any comments to improve it are welcome as it seems to stray from the point again as all my writing seems to at the beginning. Please comment and if you enjoy it, like and favourite - it would mean a lot! :-D
Sorry if new chapters don't come up often, it means I have a serious case of writer's block!


1. Prologue


It rules out every other emotion. It feels as if there never was anything else to experience: no happiness, no excitement, no joy, just pain.

It comes in many forms. It stalks you then strikes, where it becomes unbearable and seems as if a searing poker is being branded against your flesh, whilst you writhe in agony. Or you get the immediate pain; the one that is a prolonged end where it seems as if death is the only way out of this vehement melancholy, yet no relief is ever offered.

At the moment, it is the second alternative to pain that is causing my angst and anguish. The one with the sustained hell is what is in store for my once promising future. But not anymore. Because of one mistake that I foolishly chose when I was naïve and imprudent, my whole world will now unknowingly pay the price of this decision that I wasn’t obliged to make. As a result of my greed and desire, poverty is now the only ghastly future for my people. There is just one problem.


I don’t remember anything.

Not my name, not my age, or what the error I executed to cause this dilemma was. The weight and expectation of my people is on my shoulders; but I can’t recall the past. My whole history and knowledge has vanished without turmoil. Only now do I have the present and future to right my wrongs, but only when I finally uncover what it is that went amiss in my plans, can the past become intelligible once again.

No matter what, the past can never be rewritten, you can only continue and that is what I intend to do. That is, if this pain ever concludes…


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