Seeing beautiful in 2 ways

Chloe is a sweet girl living in a shack. Brandon is a rich boy living in a mansion. Of course, Chloe has a crush on Brandon. But stangely, Brandon likes her! But why?


1. Chloe and Rachel's Road to sucess.

" Can i get a lemonade and Hot pretzel?" Chloe and her friend Rachel were working at her shack earning money. " That will be 5:00. Part of it will be donated." Rachel said. " How is the stock lately?" said Marissa, Chloe's mom. "So far so good MOM" Chloe answred. Closing time! " what a hard day at work!" said rachel. Rachel left and Chloe and Marissa helped them selves to some left-over Pasta and brownies." Guess what mom? Brandon is moving next door in that 10 story mansion!" Marissa looked puzzled. " why are u so happy?" Marissa said. "Because he is the hottest,popularest-" Marissa cut her off."Woah! english baby english!" "sorry mom. Its just that he is so awesome and maybe we can be friends and my friends will be so jealus!"

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