Summer just couldn't get any better

On the last day of school before the summer holidays, Bethany meets her favourite boy group ever... She enjoys the full day with them, but will people believe her or will they bully her for "lying"... Will she see them again? Or will they forget her forever?!


1. Same Mistakes

"Bethany! Get up! It is the last day of school, you have to go in!" That is all I could hear from the first second of my mother waking up until the very second she stepped out the door... Even though I was awake before her, she still found the need to shout at me to get up. Today was the very last day of the term. Of the year. After today, it will be the summer holidays. Six weeks away from everyone from school. Sun, sea, sand. Holidays abroad. Days at the beaches. Summer romances. Concerts. Parties. Summer jobs. Sun tans and sun burns. I couldn't wait for it. Not having to get up at 6 a.m. every morning just to straighten my very curly hair... It just means I have to lock my bedroom door every night so that my sister cannot wake me up so early. *Buzz buzz* My mobile phone buzzes with a text message from my best friend Beckie. The text message read, "Beth hurry up. The clock on my mobile was running rather fast and I have been waiting at the bus stop for ages." Ha, trust her to do something like that. I grabbed my jacket, school bag and house keys and left my house, locking the front door behind me. I started making my way to the bus stop which was 40 minutes from my house.


I walk down the path from my house to the gate at the bottom of my garden. I see Mrs. Daphney, our next door neighbour, watering her plants in her front garden. I give her a wave and a smile. She smiles back, and says, "oh, you're out early? Eager to get to school, are we? Or has Beckie's phone went funny and said it was earlier than what it is?" Beckie is so well known round here that even Mrs. Daphney knows why I am up and out so early. I reply with, "Beckie's phone again, Mrs. Daphney." Mrs. Daphney shakes her head and laughs. I close the gate behind me and start walking down the pavement towards the bus stop where Beckie will be sitting. I grab my headphones out of my school bag, along with my iPod touch 4th generation. I put the headphones into my ears and put One Directions album on. I stick my iPod into my front pocket of my black skinny jeans. I sing along to the songs that come on. "You stole my heart with just one look"


I got half way between my house and the bus stop when I see my music teacher from school, Mr. Jay. He is my favourite teacher from school, for a few reasons. One, he tried to get me one direction tickets before they sold out, but couldn't get them in time! Two, he always gets me apart of all the concerts at school and all the school productions. Three, he is really funny for being a teacher, he doesn't really act like a teacher. Four, he always cheers me on during class and it's funny. He puts up posters of One Direction around the music room. He even tweets them for me, trying to get someone in the band to tweet me back. He's awesome. When Mr. Jay sees me walking by myself, he pulls over in his Black Ford Focus ST, 2012 number plate. And puts the window down to talk to me. "What you doing up and walking around so early, Beth? Has Beckie done it again?" Like I said Beckie and her funny mobile are so well known round this area everyone knows why I am up and about at early hours of the morning. I nod. Mr. Jay shakes his hair and laughs... Like what Mrs. Daphney did about 20 minutes ago. "Want a lift to the bus stop? I bet Beckie will be bored if she has to wait much longer"  I shrug my shoulders and jump into his very nice car. "Thanks, Mr. Jay. I very much appreciate this." He smiles and then puts the car into gear and begins to drive. I look out the window at the passing houses, listening to Capital FM on the radio. Same Mistakes by One Direction comes on and I start singing along to it. Mr. Jay laughs. "You're a very good singer Bethany. You have a true talent." I blush and smiles. "Thank you, Mr. Jay."

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