Need to let out some steam.


1. .

Dare I look up from behind my lashes, at

My reflection staring me in the face,

Ugly blotched skin from relentless tears.


No-one can love such a monster,

I tell myself every day,

But just grin and bear it; they'll be fooled.


I am happy, confident, bubbly,

I make everyone laugh,

But deep down, underneath it all,

I am hollow.


Nothing but the roaring fire,

That eats me up inside,

Feelings are long gone.


You say 'I love you'; I hear a lie,

But smile just to make you happy.

Because if I'm honest, you're the only thing keeping me here.


The world is a terrible place,

From behind my tear-filled eyes.

Everyone is out to hurt me.


Mop up your face and stay strong,

Paint on the biggest smile,

Pretend that you're bold and brave,

And live another day.  

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