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Dear Diary,
Maybe I should start by telling you what's going on in my life.
I'm sixteen. I'm from Florida.
My Mum is English and my Dad is American. They've just divorced. So now, I'm moving to a boarding school in The English countryside. Fun huh? It's certainly not all hogwarts here. And I'm hardly the exciting, exotic new girl they were hoping for. It's sure to be um...Interesting.


1. Prologue: In the beginning

"Just here sir." I say to the disgustingly greasy and obese cab driver.

"Eh, you are you say...American?" He asked, wiping sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Yes. Here's your money. thanks." I stutter before getting out of the cab.

I grab my bags from the boot and watch as the cab -and all hope of me getting away from this hell-hole- drive away into the distance. I allow myself a quick glance at my new home for the next six months and grimace. It's everything I thought it would be. It could be a harmless and beautiful magical house from the set of a harry potter movie. But then again, I think, It could be a scene from a ghostly horror where all the kids get murdered. If I had to say anything good about the house it would be that it is pretty. It's all fancy with smiling gargoyles and terrace windows that I deteste.

"Thanks a lot, Mom." I mutter before picking up my bags and heading towards the door.

It creaks noisily as I open it, which fills me with more fear that I'm trapped in a horror flick. Even worse is the fact that there is no-one here. Not a soul.

"Hello? Anyone here?" I call unneasily, "It's me. The new girl? My name's Scarlett."

A nearby door creaks and a woman of about fifty apears. She's dressed in a way that can only remind me of the Queen. A pink coat that looks as if it's made of felt and a fussia dress underneath. She wears cream kitten heels and a rather odd flower thingy in her hair. It looks like a miniture hat that atatches onto her greying curls.

"Ah hello Scarlett! So your the new student! I must say, you have come on a strange day! It's the last day of term before we all leave for the summer holidays!" She smiles.

"What? In America, the holidays started like a month ago! They're nearly finished back there! Your telling me that they haven't even started here?" I ask. I'm totally confused. Why would mom send me here when theres nothing to do for six weeks?

"Well, yes. It's ok though. You won't be the only one staying. We have about three-hundred pupils and at least twenty of them will be here all summer." The lady says, "The school building is just down the road. I think you should leave at about twelve so that you can catch the last lesson. The school finishes early today. I have to leave now. I'm a french teacher. My name is Miss Oliver. I do hope to see you again dear. Remember, you'll be alone in the house until you decide to leave for school in about an hour or two. But don't worry, the cooks and cleaners are still here. Here's the key to your room, Goodbye!"

And with that, she's gone. I look at the plastic tag on the key. '23' it reads. I walk up the stairs to find room 23 and when I do, I unlock it. It's a single room so I won't have to share. I'm glad about that because whenever the american girl shares with a snooty english kid on T.V, it always ends in tears. I sit on my bed and think through the situation. It can't be right. My Mom would never make me stay here for six weeks alone. Well, maybe not technically alone but kinda. Theres twenty pupils staying. That's not a lot. What if I don't get along with any of them? Then I'll be left all by myself for the whole summer. Fun. Right now, I'm basically alone apart from the cooks and a few cleaners. That means I can unpack my bags in peace. Miss Oliver said that I should go to the school for the last lesson but I decide that's a bad idea. What's the point?

After I tidy all my things away, I walk downstairs to the kitchen. Sure enough, a group of chefs are preparing a feast for the 'summer lunch'. I grab a glass and fill it with water before walking back upstairs to my room. It's almost 12:00PM which means Miss Oliver will be expecting me at the school. Shove that. I'm gonna have to find a reason for why I didn't show up, and right now, my bed looks pretty promising. I lie on my back. Within minutes, I'm asleep.



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