Rolling Girl

Clementine has hit pretty much rock bottom and the only guy she likes barely notices her- life seems so suckish that she might just end it herself. Then she gets a second personality, a second self and she always tells her she's not good enough. If Clem can concur her fear and stop being afraid of everything then the pain will stop.
A of these songs:
Rolling girl (main)
Bacterial Contamination and Abstract nonsense (School)
The Worst Carnival (Romance)
You wanna die (Friendship Factory)


1. Intro


I had just transferred; the sun here was much brighter than back home- that was the first thing I noticed. The second was that something shone brighter than that- his smile. When I went to class and was asked to introduce myself there was nothing I could say really, nothing good anyway. I told them that I’d moved down to make friends and I was told this good place to do such a thing. The reality was that my mother and father had had a divorce and everything had gone to complete and utter shit:

1.       They had gotten into a fight at the arrangement and my father had abused my mother.

2.       He was then sent to jail and fired from the Anime Company he worked for.

3.       My mother’s jewellery store went bankrupt

4.       In the mist of this I had failed the final exam for 3rd year

So now I was taken into a small place where it was unusual for a person not to get stabbed every month with schools that were so old that when you opened the door dust floated towards you. However, everything was okay now because I had seen a beautiful guy. He was smart and funny and extremely cute but I was distracted, awkward and not exactly the most self-confidant of the girls here. Everyone in this godforsaken school acts like queens and kings when it comes to me. I swear one of these days I’ll…

The house I’m living in doesn’t even have enough room for a separate kitchen and living room. I hate being like this though- fussy about every little thing that I see. I want to become like the girls I see now, even though I hate them I think I might be a little jealous. When I look down at myself I see a worthless girl who is running after a boy that’ll never be hers.

Sometimes it almost me reach for the gun, but I’m too chicken- I’m sick of this, I’m tired but I can’t do anything about. My life is sheer comedy and y’know comedies always end in a bang.

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