Best Movellas Ever!

This is a collection of probably the best movellas we have found. Hope you agree!

If you think there are great movellas that aren't on here, please comment on them so we can check!


1. Sorry

sorry - by icecreamgirl


I personally love this movella! It shows raw emotions, and it makes you feel as if you could connect to the characters. It won first prize in the 'both sides of the story' comp, and twenty people have it on there faverioutes list (including me). By the comments shown below the movella, you can see why!!

The story is based on these two girls. Helen, the victim, and Taylor, the bully. Helen is doing everything she can to get away from Taylors torments, but Taylor wont stop. Taylor ruins her work, flicks gum in her hair, and writes swear words on her locker. All is not what it seems though, as there might be more than one victim...

Please check it out!

Love, Tru xx

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