No Returns

Amelia Johnson has a perfect life, she has an unlimited bank balance, a perfect boyfriend, a life in the spotlight, but after one party ends in disaster, Amelia life is turned upside down.... With no returns.


1. Amelia

      Amelia Johnson. Prime Ministers one and only daughter, and the country's sweet heart. She got everything she wanted, clothes, money, holidays to wherever and  whenever she wanted, and she'd meet One Direction more times than she could count! Every teenager in the country wanted to have her life in the spotlight, they envied her perfect life... well, all apart from one person, Amelia Johnson, that's me. Okay, so your probably thinking I'm mad not to want this life and I'm just some stuck up, moody 16 year old feeling sorry myself, but the truth is, I'd do anything to be normal again. My dad had been the Prime Minister for 8 years now, and each time it comes to the election I hope he losses. But he never does, which means I have to live in the apartment of No.10 Downing Street, the place which is meant to be 'home' but just feels that I'm surrounded by office working strangers all the time. I can't just walk out of the house when I feel like it, or walk around London in tracksuit bottoms with no make-up on, but I as my stylist always says, "You're not a normal teenager, when you're in the spotlight darling! Bad pictures are a no go!" Blah, blah, blah... Anyway, this is my life. 

     Saturday, and nothing on TV apart from 'Cash in the Attic' and no way was I going to watch that! I slumped back down on my bed, staring at the walls. After 8 years of living here, I'd never got round to choosing the colour I actually wanted for my bedroom (I'm pretty indecisive!) So the baby pink floral wallpaper, which has got to be the ugliest wallpaper in the history of wallpapers and each time I ended up tracing the pattern with my eyes, it reminds me how this room isn't mine. It was a room that belonged to some girl before me and some girl before that, along with the large oak chest of draws, the dressing table, the rug and the pillows that lined the window seats that looked out onto the grounds. My room wasn't a normal teenagers room at all, if you got lost and walked into here, you might mistake it for a guest room, or a room that isn't used; about a year ago I tried to put up some posters but no, the house manager told me all about how that wasn't allowed, my room is also spotlessly clean and tidy. (I don't tidy it, some little lady with a hover takes care of that when I'm at school, I don't know her name though.) I spent most of my time here, because it's so much effort just to leave the house, unless it's for school because I need security, hair and make-up, my stylist and my PA to make sure I have time, just to go out. The rest of the house is normally busy and full of people I hate, mum will be using the lounge, (sorry, the drawing room) to host some of her snotty "friends", getting interviewed or pretending she's interested in some charity tea party she's holding. Then, there's dad, as you expect, I don't see him much, and I'm forbidden into the offices downstairs. My phone vibrated in my pocket, it was Josh, my boyfriend, he's some movie actor, which according to the magazines makes us the 'Cutest teen couple ever' and other girls, 'well jel'. 

'Hey, Sammy's throwing a house party tonight, want to go? Love you xxx'  Well I knew that answer to that one, because recently security had got really tight and no one would tell me why. But I guess I could sneak out? 

'I'm not meant to but I could make an exception I guess. Meet me at the back gate at 7? ;) xxx' 

Time for operation 'Sneak out the busiest house in the world, to go to a party without security and more importantly without telling the stylist. Without getting papped, all the the same time!' Pretty rebel don't you think? 


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