How to survive the zombie apocalypse, teenage style.

The zombie apocalypse has come about and this group are ready.
As I (and my friends) say; all teenagers are ready for a zombie apocalypse but never for that upcoming science test.
It's just what the title implies really


1. The beginning of an end.

Chapter 1: The beginning of an end

"Hey c'mon, Jay, we've gotta make it to this next safe house." I said, tension rising in the room, my older brother James next to me he smashed one of them in the face and what remained of the body fell to the floor, limp. I span round to find one of them in my face, I attempted at raising my gun and shooting it but it got me and sunk it's teeth into my neck. "Aww, damn." I muttered, throwing the x-box remote onto the coffee table in front of me. Jay was sat next to me on the couch "Better luck next time Nix." He said, still engrossed in the game. I glanced at the clock above the T.V, 11:13pm. I sighed and began to make my way up the stairs, avoiding the sleeping lump which was Mikey, our chocolate lab. I walked along the hall, peeking into my little sister's room as I went to my own. Fast asleep, I closed the pink door which looked an odd red color in the dark, the black writing plastered across the door. "Night Lilly." I whispered, walking a little further down the hall to my own room, I flicked the light switch and my bright light flickered on, giving a red hue to my room. I slid onto my double bed and lay down, staring up at the ceiling, I got bored after a few minutes and went to sit at my desk, littered with various bits of schoolwork, scraps of stories and pictures. I cleared a small space on my desk, got a pencil and a fresh piece of paper and began to draw. I drew me, Jay, Lilly and Mikey in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I knew Jay's code-nameAdrenaline Bomb, Mikey's was Voltage Mutt and mine was Transmission Corruption. I didn't know about Lilly though, I'd have to ask her in the morning. I took my jacket and boots off and accidentally fell asleep over my colored drawing. Falling into a deep sleep of zombies, video games, my chem and the thought of that tomorrow would be Sunday, the last day of the week-end. 

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