Dreams can teach lessons.

Amber is at her boyfriend George's party. People call her Slut, Bitch, Alcoholic and druggie, but does she care? Her mother died and she chose the wrong path, now she is faced with a decision.
Choose to carry on the life she lives or live the life she was meant to have.


1. Six doors.


I stood in the room; last thing I remember was being at George’s party. I didn’t recognise this room, the ceiling was out of sight and the walls were made of concrete, which had been painted blood red. Where was I? There were six wooden doors, all arranged along a wall. The door handles glinted, light shone from under all the doors.

I looked myself up and down, I was wearing my tight black hot pants, knee high red heeled boots, and my top was short and showed off my belly button which was pierced. I played with my necklace that belonged to my mother, before she passed away. I had my black extensions in and I could tell all my makeup was untouched.  I walked in a slow circle, wondering where I was. There was a burst of light and a door appeared in front of me, it was a white door, it opened and someone walked through it. It was me.  

I was wearing jeans, a vest top and cardigan, my hair was long but nowhere near as long with my extensions and it was pulled back in a clip, I had a side fringe and hair falling down my cheeks, my face was pale, but still my natural tanned colour and I could tell I had no fake tan or makeup on. She looked at me in disgust, and then looked me up and down. “Amber, what have you done to yourself?” She shook her head, eyes closed so she wouldn’t look at me.

“Who are you? Why am I here?” I asked still confused. “I am you, well a better version, the version you should be, but something went wrong and you turned into this.” She gestured to my whole body. “What is that supposed to mean?”  I had a bit of bitterness to my voice, who was she to judge me? “Well I am the version of you, which stays on people’s good sides, doesn’t cause trouble, and doesn’t drink. Or sleep around, I am not a Slut.”  She looked repulsed.

“I do not!” I tried to defend myself. “Don’t lie to me, who did you just fall asleep next to?” She raised an eyebrow. “What is this?” I changed the subject. “I’m going to help you sort out your life.”

“I don’t need help, especially not yours.” I snarled. “Whatever, you have nothing else to do so you might as well just go along with this.” She crossed her arms waiting for my agreement. “Ok, what exactly am I doing?” She smirked as if she had won. “In front of you, you see six doors, and each of the doors holds the dreams of someone you know. This is what they truly feel and think about you.”

“That’s impossible.” She held up her hand. “You will visit each of them, see what people think of you and then decide if you are going to change your life, or you can stay like this.” She pointed at me again.

“That will be for me to decide and I won’t change. I know I won’t.” She scoffed. “Yeah I am you and I know you need to change. You need to take those contacts out and put your glasses back on cause you aint seeing clearly.” She pointed to her glasses. “I don’t need them plus they make me look like a geek.” I turned away. “Well Amber, failing your tests to get with the popular crowd isn’t going to get you anywhere. I am you, what you were supposed to become.” She waved her hands up and down her body. “I am NOT you.” I snapped. “Now if we are going to do this, we better get a move on.” I pointed at the doors. “Which one.” She shook her head. “We are visiting the first door and working our way through them.”

I headed towards the door twisted the handle and waited. “Are you coming?” She nodded and followed going into the blinding light. 

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