Want Love..


1. Want Love


I want to find love

I want to be loved, to be the only one

I want to find this special one

May not be the first I can find, but he will be there


I seach and seach, why can’t I find?

I seached every corner, without luck

Seaching .. Will it ever be enough?

Maybe I have to belive, hope?


”Romeo, åh Romeo, my love,”

I know it can’t be love like the TV

I know it can’t be as lovely, so pink

But even a bitter love is love


The love i found was pink  and black

The love, that everybody talks about is like that

The love, we fantasize about is not real

My love My love Where are you?


I miss you even when I haven’t found you¨

I miss your strong nonexisting arms

I miss your nonexisting laughter

I  miss the person, I yet have to find – where?


Will I ever find you?

Will I ever find the man who can teach me a pink love?

Will I ever meet the man who can show me the world?

Will I ever find you?


Where are you my love?

Miss you to the day, I can’t wait on

Will I have enoght strenght to fight to the end?

Just come to my side, and I know I can


… Come!


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