Romeo & Cinderella

Well, just find out XD. Joking joking, here's the plot:

It's about a mordern girl and boy called Claire (nicknamed Cinderella or Cinders) and Romeo. They meet and become friends, though they want to be more than friends. Claire's life becomes hassle and she goes to do a mistake, will Romeo save her or will she do the mistake?

(For Scarlett Lark's comp... though Scarlett I used Hatsune Miku for the song idea as it was the idea from the song:) sorry) (The song metioned in the story is called "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven.

Please enjoy :)


1. Cinders and Romeo

"Starting a new school is tough. No-one will like me" Claire thought, walking through the corridors at Ashton Boarding School. Claire wished she had stayed with her aunt and uncle back in Toronto, instead of moving to California. A light tap hit her shoulder making her jump.

'Yo, you new?' A girl asked. She was about Claire's aged, with dark red hair, waist lengh, and the school uniform blue and black outifts with skirts for the girls and trousers for the boys, no jeans except for weekends. The girl smiled, holding her left elbow. Claires, light straw brown hair and skinny body build made her stand out. Her green cat-like eyes, scanned the girl in front of her, making her look like an idiot. She looked away and nodded.

'Cool, what you do? Did ya steal thousands from a bank or something?' Claire was astounded a little.

'No, why would...'

'Sorry. Half the people here either stole or killed someone by accident. So they are sent here. Or they were before the school stopped for the problems they wre causing here.'

'Sorry I don't understand. Why were they sent here?' The girl rolled her eyes still smiling at her. She thrushed a hand out to her and Claire took it politely.

'Katlyn Mollin, first year student at the boarding school. Are you first year yeah?' Claire nodded.

'Cool. Do ya know you can stay here until eighteen which is fifth year. Not really cool, but then you go on to the collage like place, but you stay until you're like twenty four, twenty-five. I think it's wierd but my parents won't let me go to that school, no matter what. What about you?' Claire was still prosessing the information that Katlyn had given her.

'Em... I wouldn't know...' Katlyn, nodded, swishing her hair back a touch. Suddnely she squealed and waved her arms madly.


'Katlyn?' said the girl. She had a face thick with make-up, the opposite of Claire and Katlyn with just a touch of mascara and foundation, and Cathy had a thin build and had blond shoulder length hair. She was wearing a mini skirt and thin leggings with dolly shoes and a shirt and tie. Cathy had tied her hair up into a pontail and pinned loose ends with kurbys. She smiled towards Claire and held her and out.

'My name's Cathy Moby and I am first year. Me and Katlyn have known each other from nursery. Our parents wanted us to get a great school education from a privatte school, but Ashton was the best there was. So, we've just started.'

'But I thought school was halfway through term?' Claire asked, smiling a little.

'No, eveyone's starting today. So, who are you?'

Claire Banks, new first year.'  They laughed before Claire noticed a girl, about their age was peeking from a corner. Claire smiled and waved.

'Hey Lily.' Katlyn and Cathy turned and saw the girl. She stepped from the corner and showed herself, She had dirty blond hair and a tallish thin figure. She smiled and rushed up to Clarie.

'Claire, how are you cousin?'

'She's your cousin?' aked Cathy, pointing to her.

'She's the class nerd.'

'So am I.' Claire said.

'Lily's cool. She's good at whispering anwsers when you're stuck.' Now Claire was happy, not scared. She had made new friends and they seemed to like her and she had seen her cousin Lily. Now it was time to pick the best dorm.


Claire, Katlyn, Lily and Cathy sneeked to see the dorms. They found one of the great dorms. It was quite large with a table with four chairs around it, a bookcase fillled with books on the top shelf, it also had four single beds, a green rug, a sofa with a coffee table, and a mini TV for weekends. They smiled and then closed the door again, rushing to get to the assembly hall to find the best seats. When it started, a woman in a dark purple jumpsuit, and clown resembling make-up, walked out and smiled.

'Hello my new students of Ashton. Now about your dorms. Four people per room and, for a little fun, we are going to fake bid for them. Now how to do our kind of bidding, simple. You bid with school hours. We will start at 4 'o' clock in the afternoon but no- higher than nine at night. Okay?'

'She's mad' whispered Katlyn making them giggling slightly. The head smiled around, keeping her eyes on the boys.

'Now, I'm Ms. Hillside, and we will venture out now.' The whole of first year started to walk out. As Claire and the others were getting to the aisle, someone bumped into Claire. She turned to see a boy smiling at her.

'Hey sorry for that.'

'No problem.' Claire's cheeks glowed slightly.

'Romeo. Romeo Kelvin. What's your name?'

'Claire Banks.'  Romeo smiled.

'Is it okay I hang with you and your friends? The guys I was hanging out with ended up being bastards.' Claire nodded, smiling. Katlyn, Cathy and Lily walked up behind them and slotted into the spaces on the right of Claire and the left of Romeo.

'So how is this gonna work. You're Romeo Kelvin aren't you? Well I'm Lily, this is Katlyn and Cathy. Are you gonna hang with us?'


'Cool, but now we need to find a better dorm.'

'Or worm our way around the head to let him stay with us.' Cathy said. The ffour girls went into a big debate about letting Romeo stay or not. Romeo touched Claire's shoulders, making her stay back a little.

'So, why are they doing that? The big debate I mean.'

'Katlyn doesn't want a boy seeing her naked or what.'

'No worry, I'll change in the bathroom Cinder.' They stopped, Claire turning.

'Sorry, but for some reason you remind me of Cinderella.'

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