Top Movellas,Spotlighters!

I'm listing the best people who have written movellas,I would like YOU to suggest!


1. Lia-loves-cookies.

Lia-loves-cookies deserves to be recognised,as she is the second most published author!With over 80 books,Lia is a loyal fan and superstar celeb!

Lia has dedicated herself to writing and commenting,supportive to her fans and fans supporting her! I know Lia-loves-cookies deserves to be a top notch star!!!!!


Lia-loves-cookies 1 of many books:Feel tree.


Feel tree is Lia's first diary story and with two chapters still captures the essence of her characters sorrows and anger.I would recomed that you read this!


If you doubt it Lia that your good,I will make sure that I'll recomened you to every top movellas thing!

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