Short Stories for Everyday

This is a small collection of short stories. Some will make you smile, others will make you cry. Whatever the outcome is, we hope that you love them. :D


2. Faeries (Horror/Mystery) by moomin98

Chilling patches of starlight were splattered across each item in the sparsely furnished room. The air was warm and thin; hollow almost and Finn tried carefully not to breathe too much of it in- the droning silence was marred only by the occasional trail of wind through the lighting-shot trees that skirted the woods behind the cottage. Finn trod carefully so as not to wake his sister who was lying in the bed beside his. Her blonde hair was a tangle of impenetrable vines, snaked across the pillow, her smothered snoring still audible. 

Finn slipped into a pair of  battered black plimsolls, and opened the bedroom door. He stepped out into the moonlit landing and descended the stairs, making sure that he avoided any step that could raise alarm. As he reached the bannister on the ground floor, an electric quiver shot down his spine, like a white-wash of static energy. The pin-pricks in the pit of his stomach showed exactly what Finn was feeling: he was venturing into an unknown and the delicious nausea he felt was uncontrollable. 

It was his father who had first told him about the creatures who lived in the woods, the "faeries" as he had called them. His father had always been drunk and encapsulated by a kind of entrancement about them and the mystery behind them. Late at night, Finn often found his father watching the winding tangle of vines beyond the urbanised junk yard behind their house. He always seemed reserved... but he was never quite content, his hunger for knowledge never quite satisfied. But then, one day, Finn's father did not come home from work. In fact, he never returned home and Finn was convinced that he had been taken by the faeries, to their magical realm. Six months later, Finn's mother had decided to take him and his sister away to the Irish countryside, where they could spend some time away from the crushing mystery of his father's disappearance.

The purpose of the mission had always been clear to Finn, ever since they had come to the cottage with the forest that crept around the sloping valley. He was going to enter the fairy realm to find his father and bring him back. As Finn closed the front door behind him, he felt a mutilated silence echo around him. Everything had grinded to a halt and the air was filled with a swollen beckoning. Finn continued, breaking through the shadow that encapsulated the cottage. The hem of his pyjamma trouser became ladened down with dew from the grass, but soon, Finn uncovered the threshold of the forest. He did not hesitate- or rather, he did not want to. Finn wanted his father and he would not let second thoughts taint his thoughts. 

The mist was thick and clung to Finn like a shroud of heavy starlight. The copse of trees had multiplied and the canopy above Finn was dense. He picked up a moss-covered stick and began to hum lightly. 

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise.

If you go down to the woods today, you'd better go in disguise. 

At first, the tune was warm and light, but the fact that Finn's voice was the only one in his hearing vicinity began to dawn on him with trepidation. The tune was empty and hollow but Finn hummed louder in an attempt to blow life into it. But soon, it seemed that his voice was being echoed. Another voice entered the melody and Finn swivelled around abruptly, looking to see who's it was. "Hello?" he croaked, pointing the stick out in defence. By now, the exit to the forest was no longer in sight- Finn was encased by greenery and trapsing vines that seemed to move as the voice got closer. "Who's there?" Finn shouted, turning in all directions. A laugh came from behind him, followed by another humming voice that carried the tune even though Finn had stopped. The mist became heavier, darker and Finn felt his heart pounding. He matched this by running along the pine swept forest floor. The voices followed him, swarming and becoming louder and louder. "Daddy?" Finn shouted, floundering on the floor and rapidly picking himself up. He no longer cared where he ran, just so long as he was moving. "Daddy!" He screamed and fell again, this time not picking himself up. The voices had found him- hollow voices, yet filled with a cackling rage, that reverberated in a chant-like tone. Everywhere was embedded in darkness and Finn felt this enter his lungs and clasp his throat.

How dare you enter our forest, mortal! All the voices in unison, closing in on Finn. 

The faeries had found Finn.  





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