Beauty's only skin deep

"YOU ABSOLUTE SLUT!!!!" she screamed. Thats when i felt the sharp pang of pain stabbing at my cheek like a thousand daggers, my hand flew to my face in a flash. She had slapped me! "What the hell was that for?!" I shouted back. She glared at me and threatningly growled "you know what you did" before storming off, leaving a waft of her sickenly strong perfume with her. But the truth was, I knew very well what I had done and I wasn't proud at all. That was the summer everything changed and this, is what i remember.


1. "An extreme makeover was called for..."

A woeful expression crept along my face, contorting and twisting it into a frown as I stared at myself in the mirror. I wasn't typically what you would call a 'pretty' girl, unless you call being fat and ginger pretty. I sighed as I pinched my stomach and pulled at the skin. Fat. That was just one of the taunts the kids at school yelled at me each day. Fat, Ginger, Ugly, Stupid, Useless,were just a few words that came to mind. Why me? Why couldn't I just be normal like all the other kids? What did I ever do to deserve being treated like this? Nothing. Thats what. I never understood why people think its ok to bully someone. Why its ok to make someone feel worthless. Why its ok to treat another human being in such a way to make them want to kill themselves.I ran my fingers through my lank, greasy, ginger hair and rubbed my face. Freckles dusted lightly over my nose like sprinkled dirt. Piercing silvery-blue eyes and a plump mouth with lips that were permanantly tugged down into a sulky expression. I hated the way I looked. Anything, something, had to be done. An extereme makeover was called for.


One by one I visited each of the finest beauty parlours in town. First, the hairdressers. I watched intenly as the hairdresser snipped away my hair, chopping it into a pixie bob with short layers and highlights to make my hair look less harsh and boring. I saw each lock of hair flutter to the ground and smiled with satisfaction. After my hair had been transformed and precisely groomed, the hairdresser then showed me how to care properly for my hair, what products to use and how to style it. Next up was the beauticians.One of the ladies who worked there, who clearly had had way too much botox, gave me a full makeover. massage, mani-pedi and all! She carefully plucked away at my once monobrow and neatly threaded each brow into a perfect arch. Next she demonstrated how to apply the most flattering make up for my face and what colours I suited. She then gave me a relaxing massage, trimmed my nails and polished them so they looked gorgeous and immaculate. In fact- I looked gorgeous and immaculate! For the first time in my life, I actually felt pretty. My once, waist long, lank ginger hair, had been cropped into a fashionable pixie bob and the harsh ginger colour it used to be, had highlights and lowlights to make it look more interesting and blonder. My face... well my face... it looked... Beautiful! I was so estatic and felt so elated with my new makeover that for once I was dying to go back to school and show everyone the new me! On the way home I even decided to splurge out on a gym membership so I could be skinny and slim like all the the other girls. But then a pang of guilt hit me, I had used my mums credit card to buy everything with. 'Oh well' I thought, 'it isn't that much money is it? I mean after all, she had always wanted me to be pretty like everyone elses daughters. She would always say to me, "Why cant you just fit in, Faye? Why do you always have to be the one to stick out like a sore thumb in the crowd? Try making friends for once! Maybe then you'll have a chance at being popular like I was at school." She would just have to be happy that I had actually done something good to fit in for once.

I realised I had forgotton my key as soon as I reached my home. We didn't live in a particularly large house-and by we, I mean me and my mum. My dad had walked out on us 6 years ago when i was 8. I guess maybe thats why I had always felt neglected and unwanted since then. I tried pushing down the handle on the door to see if it was open. It wasn't. Who am I kidding, it never was, considering the type of neighborhood we lived in. I huffed and knocked on the door. It took a few minutes before my mum answered the door.

"Oh hello!" She smiled fakely, "You must be one of Faye's... um... friends...? Well I'm afraid she's out at the moment so-"

"Mum it's me! Faye!" I laughed. This shocked her for real. She gasped and whispered,


"It's me mum" I replied. She looked like she was about to cry.

"Y...You look...Beautiul!" she choked and hugged me tight. 'I can't wait to show all those people at school how 'ugly' I am now.' I thought to myself with a sly smile.

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