My Collection of Poems

This is a collection of poems I wrote. Dated and to describe a story of mine. If you would like to guess what is going on go ahead guess in the comments :D I might end up writing a story at the end of this collection of poems (If there is an end and I stop writing poetry) or I might just write a whole movella on it :) My main goal is to get at least a few people to be able to relate to one or more of my poems. Thanks for reading, it's greatly appreciated! ^.^


1. In Both Our Tears 7/6/2012

When we first met

It changed my heart

I fell in love

Then it fell apart


The way you didn't tell me

The way I just flew

It all comes back

And haunts you too


I fell in love

For the last time

Picked up my pieces

And left the crime


But as for you

You still stood

In our dark past

Of all we knew


So here we stand

Once again

Slowly loving eachother

More again


While we hurt eachother

And go insane

While we both feel

So in pain


More and more

The truth is shared

Then we both feel

So impaired


I want to tell you

But thats my fear

Because Im standing here

In both our tears

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