The New It Girl *ON HOLD*

Ashley is a low-key heiress. Justin's a famous celebrity. They meet at his concert and every thing is just a story from there.
***This story is on hold and under going major editing. I'm trying to pick up the writing again, I promise!***


4. One Direction concert

This is extremly boring and not because i've already been here with my boyfriend, because Tiffany ran off with Liam somewhere and she left me with Harry whos being a big flirt. "Here is where we stand before we go on stage." He motions to a tiny entrance. "Cool" I say. "I've been back here before." " So you know that its also known as the kissing corner?" He says with his annoying british accent. He was getting closer and closer till he was to close. "No i can honestly say I didn't know that." I reply. "Well let me give you a private tour." He says. "I dont think I need a tour, I've been back here with my boyfriend before." I inform him. He's still too close to me, im against a wall. "Are you dating him?" He asks but he didnt give me time to answer, he's already kissing me, i try to pull away but i couldn't, there was no where for me to go. He finally pulls away after what felt like hours. "So now are you still dating him?" He asks smililng then he starts kissing my neck "Uh yes I am. do you even know my name?" Still kissing my neck, he says "Yes I do Ashley Hansen, and Tiffany Wene is with Liam." He was moving up my neck, he was now just right below my ear. "Do you remember me telling you that I have a boyfriend?" I say trying to escape, but hes blocking me. "Must've slipped my mind." He replys. "Yeah well I do, and I like him." " I bet he's a lozer." He says still kissing below my ear, but he moves down  towards my neck. "Justins not lozer." I protest still trying to move, but i couldn't, he wouldn't let me move. "Justin who?" He asks. He stops kissing my neck but he was right next to my ear again. He was about to kiss me again, his hair was in his face,he was waiting for my answer. "Bieber." I say hoping he would back off but he didnt, he was kissing my neck right below my ear again. " He might get mad, but it'll make me feel a whole lot happier." He says. "Wha-" but i get cut off, he contuines kissing me, and i still couldn't move.He starts kissing my neck again, "You can always break up with him and come hang out with me." he says, then he kisses me again. He pulls away,then he starts kissing my neck again, his arms were wrapped around my waist, holding me against him."I dont like you that way." I say."You could" he says while he's still kissing my neck. He's put his hands in the back pocket of my jeans. I keep trying to push him off of me but he won't let go. He kisses me again, this time he didnt stop, he kept kissing me for atleast five minutes he pulled away and brought me against him again. He took his hands out of my back pockets and took my hands in his, he was smiling. I push him off of me and ran onto the stage. Harry ran after me. "There are plenty of girls that can be your girlfriend,  just not me." "Why not? I like you." He says, his british acsent is making the worlds roll off his tounge. "But i don't like you, I have a boyfriend."  I reply. Harry was about to say something but he stopped. "ASHLEY!" Tiffany shouts from behind curtain. "We're on the stage!" I call back. "Hey!" Tiffany calls when she walked on stage, " Hey!" i reply. "Hey." Harry adds. "Is this the arena where you and Justin kissed?" Tiffany asks.I nod smiling. "How strange! I didn't know that this is the arena." " Yeah, I didn't remember till we walked on stage. We better go, its getting late, and i don't like L.A. around midnight." " Us too, nice to meet you." Liam says. "You too." Tiffany adds. Thats when I turned around and i walk off. We are in the limo on our way back to my house. " What was all that about?" Tiffany asks. I told her everything. She told me how much of jerk he was. " How are you going to tell Justin?" Tiffany asks. "I have no idea how to." I reply.

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