My Week

Claire Viola is moving to Brimloch. This is very much against her intentions which was to stay in Edinburgh until she'd finished EDINBURGH'S secondry school. Not move to Brimloch start a new school in a new town where she had no friends. Well, she hasn't started secondry school yet.

But when she finds a diary by a girl who used to live in her room, she finds herself willing the summer holidays to strech, so she can find out what happened to a young lad called John.


3. The Birthday Bear

I woke up to hear my door opening. "Claire, Jake and I are going hill climbing. Your Mother wants you to come with her to introduce the family to the nieghborhood." Dad seemed cheery, but I was crestfallen. "Ok! You know I'm kinda looking forward to staying here!" To my horror there was no sarcasm laced within my sentence. I quickly formulated a plan.

1. Cheesy Hyperactive Elf

Staying true to earlier phrase, act overly excited about everything. Even the way a stone skitters or the way someone pours their coffee. When we leave village for a trip or so, act deppresed and imply being detached from Brimrock crushes my soul. After parents see an unhealthy obssesion has been made, they'll tear me away from here and we'll move back to Ebinburgh!

It was a long shot but it might just work.

We were sitting on floral chairs, sipping tea out of china floral cups. Everthing was Cath Kidson floral, and I found it quite tasteful. I hadn't used my tactics yet, I wished to have the element of surprise. And to make a strong first impression. Finally a biege lady came through. She had white hair, trustworthy green eyes and a biege skirt, shawl and socks. She had a powdery pink blouse on though. She was looking at me, though I didn't notice it. My eyes were focused on a map, which had the title Known Bear Territories. "That was taken out of its frame once. I remember. Someone went missing. Taken by a bear." Her eyes went unfocused and the last sentence was whispered softly. Then she shook her head, bringing herself to the present. "My names Penny. You must be Claire and..... Poppy?" Mum smiled, a rare occurence in my presence I thought sullenly. Then I realised, she smiled a lot, it was me who wore the frown. "Yes Poppy. My husband Benedict and my son, Jake would be here, but they ah...... went to go see the view from Brimrock's Hill Top." More likely to see if their picture would win them a bit of money in the recent photographers competition. That was one of the things they did together. "Do you know if there's anything thats of interest in this area?" I asked, still looking at the map. "Claire!" Mum hissed through gritted teeth. "Oh no, I know where shes coming from. Well the hotel is a good place to socialize, and Philly at the Pharmacy has a back room, which she turned in to a sweet shop. The post office has walls covered in stamps, collectors items from every country! The libary has an an amazing array of books, and no silly books with pointless plots. When I came here I thought it was a horrible place. I called it Grimrock. But, it changed my once moody and self centered self, and I grew in to a young lady, and  saw what I could do with life. It changed me in to the good, something the city life can't do anymore." I wasn't stupid. I saw the same path layed before me. I was going to change. I wasn't silly. I knew it was to be, and there be no denial to it.

I sat on my bed. Plan 1 had been extinguished in a blast of beige. I would have to admit, I felt small and powerless. I turned to Penelope.

Its been a great birthday. Mum and Dad got me a book, I won't read it yet, as I won't stop reading till its finished. Aunty and Uncle sent a pair of wolly socks over, and a little looking glass came from my Grandparents. John got me a tin of my favorite little sweeties and a ink pen! Then I was prented with my final present. I was so glad when I found a writing book with a hardcover, and it had a picture of Brimrocks Hill Top on it! On the inside it said, From the Village, for all the ways you've helped us. It was brilliant. Then Johns friends came. I glowered as each oaf came in. All good things must end.

I felt sorry for her. She explained how John was very clever, and he was disgracing himself because he went about with them. Jake was clever. He had had clever friends. I risked lookng at the next page. I found it wasn't dated for tommorow, but still for today. The time was 3am. I read on, a deep conceren burrowing in to my mind.

Johns not back. His friends apparently left him in the woods. It was dark. He couldn't find his way back. The search party found tracks. But they weren't John's. They were bear tracks. So there are two conclusions the party came to.

1. To comfort me, he might have not been..... he might have survived and is probably sleeping like a baby somewhere on the Hill.

2.The bear got  him.

This is Penolope Greengage signing out, perhaps, brotherless.

I stayed confined to my room for nearly the rest of the day. I woke in the morning, bags under eyes, Jake sitting at the end of my bed. 

Reading the diary.

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