Absolute Music comp.

I bet I'm not the only one out there who can't live without music.. So here's an idea, I know this site is called Movellas but whatever, I'll make a music comp for those who think they know their music.
And it goes like this: <- See what I did there? (The line is from a song) xD And thats exactly what we're going to do. We will pick a few lines from different songs and put them together so it all becomes one text. Then it's up to you to guess which songs are included. Fun hu? :D Oh and I know all people doesn't have the same taste in music so therefor we're doing several different texts in chapters, pop, rock, metal, Rnb, blues and so on.. Now for the prizes: You'll find 'em in our first chapter!


1. How it's gonna work

May need some more explaining? It's easy!

we'll put together a own song of texts with different difficult levels and genres. (I can't promise it to be any good) xD The levels:

Easy: Three sentences from well known songs.

Medium: Two sentences from quite well known songs.

Hard: One sentence from a put behind the lights song. Or to express it another way, a artists least known song...

Super über hard!: Still one sentance, from a song that barely no one have ever heard... Good luck! :D


And the prices: It's only gonna be one winner for every text, the one who guessed most rights of course. So no second and third. xD If two people or more have the same amount of correct answers the first who posted theirs win.

But! It's different prices for every dificult level..

Easy: Tell us one of yours movellas you want us to read and we'll read it and leave a comment (Not: Loved it. or any other boring short comment)

Medium: we'll read a Movella of yours, plus like and favorite.

Hard: Movella reading (of course all of it no matter how long it is), favorite, like !And! we'll also favorite the author who won! :D

Super über hard: I'll be you'r slave for life.


You'll have one week from the date we put a new chapter up to answer. If someone have every answer correct the comp for that particular chapter will close.


As I said before, Co-Authors are warmly welcomed :D

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