Tonight's Cloudy Sky (Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

A very wise man once said that- when it came to life- you never knew what you were going to get. It's a sort of philosophy for Amelia, who's experienced her fair share of downs and is currently waiting for the ups. And when they finally do come to her... well, what goes up must come back down.


12. Thinking Of Him

               To: Unknown Number

               I would love to do something :)

I replied immediately, my heart about to leap out of my chest. Niall Horan, the boy who I had been fantasizing over for the past year, just asked me out on a date.

               From: Unknown Number

                Where do you live? I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 3 for a movie and dinner?

               To: Unknown Number

               That sounds great! I live at the Bentley- meet you in the lobby?

               From: Unknown Number

               Wow! The Bentley?! I didn’t take you for a rich girl

               To: Unknown Number

               Is that a good thing?

               From: Unknown Number

               Very good :)

We continued to text as I got closer to home, and told him little things about my life- where I was from, what I liked to do, what my name was. As I talked to him, I was the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

And as time went by, I began to worry about how I was going to tell the girls what had happened. I wasn’t just every day that you meet a celebrity who then asks you on a date.

I hadn’t changed Niall’s contact number yet, maybe it was out of disbelief. Maybe I believed that, if I changed anything about it, it would all go away. I didn’t want this to go away.

The cab pulled up to my building and I climbed out after paying the fare. I look a deep breath, bracing myself for what the girls had to say. Would they be mad? Or course! But would they stay mad for long? That was what worried me.

I walked into the grand lobby and walked to the back corner. As I stood there, waiting for the elevator to arrive, I nervously tapped my shoes on the marble floor. The sun was long gone now, the day almost to an end. How furious would Mattie be?

The doors dinged open and I stepped in, pressing the correct floor. I knew Janessa wouldn’t get mad at me- she would just be grateful that I was home. But there was no telling with Mattie, Meredith or Ariel.  How could I explain this? I met a world famous pop star and now he’s taking me out on a date? They would either hug me or send me to insane asylum.

The lift arrived at my floor and my stomach dropped. There was no way I could avoid this. I would just have to face it and be strong. As I walked down the hallway towards our flat, I felt like I was walking to my execution.

I reached door number 508 and stood there in the hallway. Should I knock? Maybe they were asleep. I tried the door to see if it was locked and to my relief, it wasn’t. I opened it and walked in quietly, shutting the door behind me. I held my breath as the door clicked shut, hoping that they hadn’t heard me.

I stayed frozen for a couple more seconds, waiting for someone to scream at me. There was no sound at all, and I realized that might not have to face anyone till tomorrow.

Tomorrow- I was going on a date tomorrow. Just thinking of his blond hair and bright blue eyes made my chest hurt. How could anyone be so amazing? I hardly knew him, but I was still obsessed with him. Though, that’s probably the fangirl in me talking.

I slipped off my shoes and turned, tiptoeing towards the kitchen to eat. After everything that had happened, I had to eat. Eating kept me alive, but it also kept me happy. Too bad I had to work my butt of to keep myself in shape.

I pulled open the fridge door slightly but the light still managed to illuminate the dark room. I shuffled through the contents, looking for anything edible.

“Sup broskie.” Meredith flicked the lights on, completely scaring the crap out of me.

“Jesus…” I whispered, my hand placed over my racing heart, and turned to face her. “Why’d you have to scare me like that?”

Meredith took a deep breath. “Before I freak out, I would like to hear what happened- what’s this long story you told me about?” She cocked her hip and crossed her arms against her chest, waiting for me to explain.

“I know this may sound crazy, but-” I was cut off by my ringing phone. I pulled it out from my pocket and saw a called from an Unknown Number, but my phone was snatched away from me.

I watched in horror as Meredith answered it. “Who is this?” She snapped, and I waited for the inevitable freak out when he spoke. Right on cue, her face shifted to one of shock.

“No! Really?” Meredith gasped, covering her mouth. “You’ve got to be joking!” She looked over at me and gave me a wink and thumbs up, sending my imagination running. What were they talking about? She muttered a few more thinking quietly into the receiver and hung up, handing my phone back to me.

I opened my mouth to talk but Meredith pinched my lips together with two of her fingers.

“Shhh, Amelia. You don’t need to explain.” She smirked and walked away. “You got game, girl!” She called over her shoulder as she wandered back to her room.

I watched as Meredith walked around the corner, my mind still reeling after today’s events. I could hardly put it into words how excited and lucky I felt. After such a hard life growing up, I felt as if my life was getting better every second.


I woke up to the sight of three sets of wide eyes staring over me. I wasn’t surprised, though. Meredith had a hard time keeping her mouth shut; but I was surprised that she had waited till morning to tell them. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, looking around at the smiles that wouldn’t leave their faces.

“Good morning, my lovelies. What’s woken at this early time?” I ask casually, but inside I was bursting to tell them all about it.

“Oh, cut the casual crap, Amelia!” Mattie protested. “Just tell us!”

“Tell me or I’m gonna die!” Ariel flung herself onto the bed dramatically.

“Please tell us, Amelia!” Janessa asked in her normal sweet tone. “We really want to hear the details! All Meredith told us was that you’re going on a date with Niall tomorrow!”

At the mention of his name the other girls starting jumping up and down, chorusing together. “Amelia and Niall, sittin’ in a tree! K-I- S-S-I-N-G! First comes LOVE and then comes MARRIAGE! Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!”

“Would you two please shut up?! I’m trying to eat my cereal in peace!” Meredith called from the kitchen, and that was enough to calm Ariel and Mattie down. They all sat in front of me, patiently waiting for me to begin.

“Well, what do you want to know?” I ask them, not really sure how to start.

“Everything!” Ariel exclaimed.

“I wanna know every single detail- how his hair was styled, how his eyes glistened in the light, how his deep and handsome voice said you name, how-” Mattie rambled on until Ariel clamped her hands over Mattie’s mouth.

“Are you done?” Ariel asked her, and Mattie nodded slowly.

“Just tell us how you met first.” Janessa suggested and I nodded.

“Well, it’s kinda hard to remember. You see, I went out in the alley to get some air, and he was there, too. And then I kinda… passed out.” I said it softly, hoping they wouldn’t laugh. Sadly, Mattie and Ariel were too crazy to predict.

“HA! Oh my gosh you passed out!” Mattie burst and turned to Ariel.

“Oh, Niall! You’re so hot and blond and I can’t contain myself around you.” Mattie raised her voice an octave and swooned onto Ariel.

“Oh my god! What have I done to this poor innocent woman?! I must help her!” Ariel deepened her voice and put on a horrible Irish accent. “I know! I’ll ask her on a date!”

“Oh, that would be splendid!” Mattie managed to get that last line out before collapsing in laughter.

“Do I really sound like that?” I ask incredulously. I turned to Janessa, who was laughing silently over Ariel and Mattie.

“So, you fainted and then what?” Janessa ignored my question, and instead posed another.

“Next thing I know, I’m in their dressing room.”

“Did you get autographs?” Mattie squealed.

“Did you attack them and steal DNA to sell on eBay?” Ariel asked seriously.

I raised my eyebrows and tried to decide how to answer that. “Um, no I didn’t do that. I actually ran. And then I got lost, and then he had to find me to give me back my phone.”

“And by he you mean…” Janessa asked, but I was sure that she knew the answer.

“I mean Niall.” I stated and braced myself for the oncoming fangirl storm provided by Ariel and Mattie.

“NIALL FREAKIN HORAN! I swear, if you hadn’t already claimed him and I wasn’t in love with Liam, I would soooo attack him!” Mattie shivered dramatically as she closed her eyes and pictured Niall. “He’s just so cute!”

“I don’t care how cute Niall is- I’m never dumping Zayn for him!” Ariel pronounced. “DJ MALIK FOR LIFE!”

And with that, Ariel and Mattie jumped off my bed and ran out the door together. I sighed and looked over at Janessa, who was as calm as ever. She gave me a small smile and I remembered what Meredith said yesterday.

“I’m sorry, Janessa. Meredith told me how upset you were.”

“It’s alright, Amelia. All that matters is that you’re home, and you’re safe.” She got up and gave me a quick hug before leaving also.

I laid back and down lazily rolled on my side to look at the clock. It was only 10 in the morning, so I had plenty of time to take a shower, get dressed, eat, and panic over the date. I tried blocking out all of the bad thoughts that were trying to push their way into my mind as I jumped out of bed and left my room.

When I had finally gone to sleep at 1 in the morning, I was too tired to think so I just threw on some pajama shorts and the new One Direction shirt Janessa gave me for my birthday. The cool air hit my exposed skin and I reminded myself to turn up the heating later. But for now, I was tired and I needed food.

I shuffled into the kitchen and muttered a hello to Meredith, who had her eyes glued to her phone. I waved my hand in front of her, but she barely twitched.

“Twitter?” I ask the others as I pulled out a bowl, cereal and milk, placing them all on the island.

Janessa nodded. “Apparently there’s some crazy rumor going around about One Direction going around.”

“What is it?” I ask again, absentmindedly pouring milk over my Captain Crunch peanut butter cereal... I know it’s sad- I’m turning 19 in a couple of months- but I could never part with them. I was a child inside.

I glanced up at them all sitting at the breakfast bar. Ariel shook her head.

“Meredith’s being a poop and won’t tell us.”

“Well, it’s not that. She’s not saying anything, really.” Mattie reasoned, and Ariel protested by shoving a large spoonful of cereal in her mouth and showed Mattie the chewed-up contents.

Mattie shuddered and looked away. “That, Ariel, is disgusting.” Ariel only laughed and swallowed her food.

I grabbed a spoon and mixed around my cereal, my eyes still fixed on Meredith. Her eyes were wide and her face was illuminated by the screen; her thumb was quickly scrolling down.

“What is it, Meredith?” I spoke up, but she only ignored me. “Spatula!” I used my nickname for her, which I only used when I was bored or I wanted her attention. As hoped, she looked up at me.

“Yes, Dave?” She smirked, using her nickname for me. “What can I do you for?”

“What’s the rumor?” I asked again and ate another spoonful of cereal as she paused.

Meredith shook her head and looked down at her screen. “It’s nothing, Amelia. Don’t worry about it.”

I raised my eyebrows, not completely sure of that answer. I could tell that she wasn’t being truthful; I had known her long enough when she was hiding something. I looked over at the others, and I could see that they had caught that, also. We all knew she was lying, but did we want to know what about? Meredith rarely ever lied- she was very open and honest. So, when she did lie, she was trying to protect us.

I watched Meredith put away her phone quietly as I continued to eat the rest of my breakfast. She kept sneaking glances up at us, and I pretended not to see. She was hiding something, and it was big. And I had a hard time deciding if I even wanted to know what it was.


I climbed out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me, the air thick with steam. I leaned over the counter and wiped away the condensation on the mirror. I grabbed a hair brush and pulled out all of the knots and tangles that had managed to make their way into my wavy hair.

It was 11 now, and I had decided to let the Meredith-One-Direction-Twitter-Rumor go. If it was worth me knowing, Meredith would have told us. And I trusted Meredith’s judgment- always have, always will.

I picked up the dirty pajamas from the bathroom floor and carried them into my room- one of the many perks of having an en suite bathroom. I walked into my closet, once again struck with the size of the room. I grinned as I looked at all of my new clothes, most of them still unworn.

As the time got nearer to 3, I got more and more nervous. What if I didn’t live up to Niall’s memory? What if he asked me out to be nice? Did he pity me?

I stood in front of my rack of clothes, panicking silently.

What was I going to WEAR?!

“Meredith! Mattie! Ariel! Janessa! I need you all NOW!” My eyes stung and my throat burned as I continued to think of the rejection speech that Niall was probably thinking of right now. What had I gotten myself into?

“Where are you?” I heard Mattie call from my room, followed by the thumps of several people running through the halls.

“Narnia! Where do you think?!” I call back, immediately regretting the snide remark. But they all knew that I got rude when I was worried and I was miles past worried right now.

They all walked into the large closet with me, unfazed by the fact that I was just wearing a towel. We had known each other for years and it didn’t really matter anymore.

“What’s the problem, beautiful?” Meredith asked carefully.

I threw my hands up. “I don’t know what to wear!” My voice caught and my chin began to tremble. “And what if he stands me up? Or he says that he never wants to see me again? Or I say something wrong?”

Mattie rushed forward and gave me a hug. “Amelia, you need to stop worrying. It isn’t good for you! Don’t worry so much, love. Everything is going to be alright- you’ll see.”

I took a deep breath, trying to calm down, but the negative part of me was getting harder to ignore.

“I’m not good enough for him, Mattie.” I whisper.

“Oh, I know you did not just say that!” Meredith proclaimed. She marched towards me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “Amelia, you are amazing. No, you’re better than amazing. Who was it that stopped me and Ariel from doing anything stupid during school?”

“Me.” I whispered.

“And who was it that stopped me from driving to Cardiff just to see if the time riff was real?”


“And who was it that cared for Janessa every day when she got that surgery?”


“So, if anything- Niall doesn’t deserve you. I don’t ever want to hear you say that you aren’t good enough for someone. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I wiped away the tears and tightened the towel around myself. “Thank you.” I smiled at Meredith.

“Alright, no more of this crying stuff,” Ariel stated. “We haven’t even eaten lunch yet.”

I laughed quietly and turned to my clothes, shuffling through them. “But seriously guys, I don’t know what to wear. He’s world famous; what am I supposed to wear on a date with someone whose world famous?”

Janessa walked up beside me and tapped her finger on her chin, glancing at all of my clothes.

“Just a movie and dinner, right?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s the plan.” I answered her, watching intently as she ran a hand over my clothes.

Then, she pulled off a lace shirt and bright red shirt off the rack, handing them to me. “Wear your black flats, go natural with your makeup, and we’ll come back in five minutes to see how this looks!” Janessa walked out of my closet and the others followed her, giddy smiles on all of their faces.

I stood there, slightly shocked and processing the instructions. Then, I snapped out of my trance and slipped on some undergarments and then the shirt and skirt Janessa gave me. I tucked the shirt it and grabbed a black leather belt off the floor, buckling it around my waist.

Smiling at my reflection, I admitted to myself that I look pretty good- better than normal, anyways. The bright skirt went down to about five inches about my knee and contrasted nicely with the tan shirt, which had three-quarter length sleeves. I slipped my black flats on as Janessa suggested and applied a little bit of makeup.

I actually looked pretty.

“Are you dressed?” Meredith called as she marched into my room. “Well, don’t care because I’m coming in anyways!”

The door opened quickly and I turned to face them. They stood there, speechless, and I waited for the verdict.

“Well?! How do I look?” I ask, and Mattie smirked.

“You look hot.” She stated, cocking her hip and she nodded at my outfit.

“Really?” I sighed and gave a slow spin, raising my arms. “Not too much for a movie and dinner?”

Ariel laughed. “This is a movie and dinner with Niall Horan. Go big or go home, right? Besides, you look absolutely stunning.”

“You really do, Amelia.” Janessa smiled, proud of her creation. “Now, come here so I can braid your hair.”

I walked over to her and knelt down as she braided my hair back into a bun, pinning up all of my hair. It took a while, the silence filled with Janessa cursing under her breath. When she finished, Janessa stepped back and clapped her hands.

“You look so good!” She squealed as pushed me over to the mirror, the other chorusing in agreement.

I smiled at them and spun around to take another look at myself. Wow- I guess they were right. It felt like the first time in a very long time that I actually felt confident in my looks.

There was a moment of silence, which Meredith thought should be broken.

“Alright. This is all nice and everything, but I’m hungry. My body is weak and I need sustenance.” She groaned, sticking out her flat stomach and rubbing it. I laughed and tore my eyes away from my reflection, walking out with the others.

They were all talking about what to eat and how they were going to waste away today. I wanted to participate in the conversation- I really did.

But I couldn’t stop thinking of him.




What do you guys think? Sorry it took so long to post- but I hope I made up for it by writing a long chapter :)

PostScript- the outfit Janessa picks out for Amelia is here ->

PostScript Script- Another thing that I LOVE at the moment is the song called Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. The lyrics are really random and weird, but I can’t stop listening to it! And yes, it was in Twilight, but that’s not where I got it… my friend recommended it, actually!

A brilliant day shall be bestowed upon everyone who reads my stories!

Molly xx

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