The group find themselves, yet again, in another sticky situation...
Hope you enjoy :D


1. Boarding School...

It was my first day at a new boarding school; apparently it was for ‘troubled children’ I am not troubled! My parents think so, that is why I stood in front of two buildings, joint together but separated by a barbed wire fence.

I shook my head; it was for the most troubled children it said on the website. It only had a few occupants, the fence separated the boy’s side and the girls and they weren’t allowed to be together apart from during special occasions.


I couldn’t tell the difference between the houses, they were exactly the same. There was no colour, no grass just the dusty gravel that had been thrown down to keep the plants from growing. I stared at them, not knowing what to do. I set my bag down and waited, for anyone to notice I was here. Crows circled in the sky, making sure they were heard. This place was no place for kids.


I sat there for 20minutes until a woman opened the door. She was wearing a lab coat; she looked down at me through her glasses, gray eyes emotionless and lifeless. “Are you the new girl?” I nodded, trying not to look at her eyes. “Well come in.” She gestured towards the house, a smile plastered on her face. Her teeth were pearly white apart from the yellow layer around her gums. I stood up and wheeled my bag towards the door.


I left tracks in the gravel and took one last glance at freedom, when she closed the door and locked it putting the key down her top. “Right!” She clapped her hands. “I will show you to your room and introduce you to the girls.” Her heels clicked on the floorboards, echoing through the entire hall. It was empty, no one to be seen, there were lots old wooden doors, but no decorations and the walls were just cement covered.

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