We are the same (Camlee's side of the story)

17 year old Camlee Wilson wishes she had a sibling to look after. She is an only child and hates it. It's the same feeling for 17 year old Fauna. But the thing about the two are that they are siblings! They have never met but when Camlee is asked to join Team Justice, she meets Fauna and the two have to work together. Can they work out their lives into one in time for war?


1. Hurdling and explosions

Why me, I thought as I jumped over the hurdles laid out in front of me. The others cheered me on excitedly, the Populars shouting 'Fall,fall,fall,fall' over to me. I ignored the disencourgement and listened to my friends. I finished the hurdles in two minutes thirty nine seconds. A new record towards the school. The old one was three minutes. Everyone crowded round me patting my back and cheering.

'So she can jump over a few pieces of wood, so what?' Said Sheleia. She was standing with Kethryn and Moliny. I was smirking at them.

'Bet you can't do it under that then.'

'Bet I could.' she said, crossing her arms.

'Fine do it. Kethryn and Moliny as well.' They stood, scared, looking at Sheliea.

'Come on!' She called, flicking her hand to the track. They shuffled towards tthe track. I smiled with Nemmy, Joi and Livy. We stood, waiting for Qual, to sound the gun. When she did, they started, their knees up high like a horses. The rest of the girls laughed, tears streaming down our faces. They were coming for the first hurdle. They tried to jump, like me, but Moliny fell on her face, Kethryn pushed it and fell on top of Moliny but Sheliea was going strong. We thought she was going to beat it when she reached the end. She crossed the finish line, collapsed and, panted.

'My....time......Qual.' Qual grinned, along with us.

'Six minutes fifty nine seconds.' We were dying.

'Shut it! Look, Camlee isn't the greatest hurdle jumper in the world. She just...is, well,....Tall!' Sheliea wailed, stamping her feet, making us laugh harder. She screamed and ran, down to the school, Kethryn and Moliny following. We were all falling in laughter. Ms. Killoy rushed up, eyes wide and smiling a little.

'Girls, what happened?' She asked, hands on her hips, trying to pull a straight face.

'N-n-n-n-nothing, miss, just it's Sh-sh-sh-Sheliea.' I said, giggling madly. Some of the girls were lying on the ground rolling away, so we had to join them. We sat until the last giggle left our lips. We stood up, put our right hands to our left shoulder, held it up to the Teacher and then left, our arms swinging by our sides. We were changing into our uniforms, shouting, laughing and whispering, when Sheliea walked in, smiling like a madman. She plonked down onto a wooden bench, and started to undo her shoes. We stared.

'What?' she said, turning and glaring at us.

Why you so...cheery?' asked Joi, crossing her arms and standing up, putting pressure onto her right leg, her left one bend slightly.

'Well, I came in and Miss. Kassidy called me to her office, along with Kethryn and Moliny. Then she said I was going to be part of this big thing called "Team Justice" and they fight in wars and stuff.'

'But you're to prissy and girlie for that.' Nemmy and Livy said, in usion, stopping her in her words.

'Well, all my family's been applied, so my Mom and Dad thought it would be alright for me.' Sheliea grinned as we stood or sat on benches, gaping. Sheliea, in a war? Really?


I was still stunned at the end of the day, sitting next to Joi, on the bus, as she prattled on and on about Josh Gubberish.

'I mean, he's so cute and gorgeous. Camlee? You okay?' I blinked and looked towards her.

'Yeah, sorry I was thinking. Go on.'

'No! What were you thinking?' I grinned a little.

'About how Sheleia got that place in the war thing. She's too girlie. How do you think we'll win? It'll be like "Breaking News! Sheliea Mcyourly has won our war with a hundred tons of make-up!" Haha.' Joi blinked, then started to laugh. Her bus stop came up so I had to say goodbye. I sat staring out into the sun, making my eyes hurt. But I didn't care. The bus came to a stop as I jumped from my seat.  I rushed off the bus to speak with my parents, before Josh stopped me.

'Hey, Camlee, right? Look I overheard your friend Joi talking about me, so I wanted you to tell her that I think she's gorgeous too. Ask her to meet me after school tomorrow.' I nodded, bewildered that he even spoke to me. I never had a thing for him, but really? I grabbed me phone from my pocket and texted her straight away. I had opened the door when my phone gave a little "Joi has sent a text" noise. I read the first five words before my phone went blank and these words filled my phone..... "Welcome to Team Justice".

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