Too Far

Trixie is the daughter of famous (and very rich) tycoon Richard Maryson. She is notoriously wild, so when one night she goes over the top, even for her, she gets a choice - go to therapy or go to normal school? What will she pick?


1. Getting ready for the best night EVER!!!!!!!

I stared in the mirror and saw a 16 year old girl standing there. She had long blond hair tied up in a high pony, showing off her perfectly defined cheekbones. She was wearing a cropped black leather jacket with a short white vest underneath, just short enough to allow you to see a litte slither off her (fake) tanned stomach and belly ring. I saw a short black skirt with fishnet tights and knee high boots. A gold chain was hanging round her neck with a copper owl on the end. Sadly, this tarty, slutty girl...was me.

I walked down stairs and saw my boyfriend, Kurt, at the bottom. I leaped into his arms and he told me I looked gorgeous. He's not a big fan of my style, he whishes I would cover up more. "Is everything ready?"
"Yeah babes. Come give me a kiss eh?" I leant in, still in his arms. The doorbell went. The best night ever was about to start...
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