My diary

This my thoughts and experiences.The names in my diary are all in code so these are not the persons real names but they are simular to there names


1. End of term,YAY!

I really can't wait till the end of term,im really gonna miss Kat and Yasmin,they are my 2 bffs,i have known Kat since y5 so we have been bffs for 2 years.And Yasmin is my step cousion,we only just found out,we are bffs plus step cousions its great!and i can finally escape Anna,she is horrible!and i can escape Mina,even know we will be in the same highschool we are in different forms,so YAY! and i caan finally be in the same school as Gemma and Taynsia and Catlin! they are all so nice especially Gemma!


Now i am going to highschool i will finally get a chance to recreate myself wich means no more happy dappy goody goody all the time,i can finally be the person that i have always wanted to be,wich means i will finally become the girl that i want to be and i cant wait till the next time i see Anna and she breaks down in tears because she is not all hard in high school!

Thanks for reading!

Yours sencierly

Trinity xxx

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