Brighton Rocks

It's summer time and seventeen year old Darcy is headed to Brighton with her two best friends, Cher and Perrie. The're hoping for a glitzy, retro style holiday but for Darcy, falling in love was never part of the plan. Especially not for Harley Sylvester, one half of rizzle kicks...


1. Start Of Summer

I opened my eyes and stared at the wall next to my face. Finally, It was summer. Just one day ago, I'd said goodbye to my old school and started a new life as a mature adult. I decided to start this 'new life' by going back to sleep.

"How dy'a think I feel when you call my name?" Cheryl Cole sings..

"I love that song," I mumble happily.

"You got me confused by the way I change,"

"OH! MY PHONE!" I say, jumping bolt upright. "Hello?" I mumble into the IPhone.

"Hey, It's Cher. We're going to Brighton, me, you and Perrie." My best friend asks -or rather tells- me.

"WHAT? WHEN?" I say.

"10:00AM. I'll meet you at the train station. If you don't come, you'll miss out. BIG TIME." she snaps before hanging up.

I sit there, stunned for about a minute. Then my brain begins to work. I get dressed into a black and white lace vest top and purple distressed high-waisted shorts. I pull on some suede, black wedged ankle boots and a black and gold studded bracelet. I literally grab everything in my wardrobe and shove it all into a hot-pink hard shell suitcase. Then, I head downstairs and eat a bowl of coco-pops before heading out the door.












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