Phoenix island

"Come on,Phoenix fly,fly!!!" I practicly screamed the words before he took off.

Phoenix Island,a place that could kill you.It's placed in the centre of the Bermuda triangle,it's the only place where Phoenix feels safe.I should explain I'm called,Ashley Singeaire {Say it Singe-air-ee}I'm a girl with a fiery personalty,I should be since I am the human child of the Phoenix bird itself!

Phoenix Island is not ordinary,my cousin,Bolt Lighteningcloud is struggling for power,he is trying to kill me and the Phoenix,I don't know if I can stop him....


1. Birth mark of the Phoenix.

"Hey Ashley,show us a birthmark!"

I smiled to myself,I just turned around and jumped into the tree and found almost fell out again.Sebrina was there,I jumped down and relucatantly showed my birth mark to the gang.


"Hey you realise that birthmark is supposed to mean your related to the Phoenix bird right?" Engquired Silver,Silver was a werewolf and an unlikely one to the mortal eye,she was ginger and wore lots of silver jewlery.


I knew I was special in someway,otherwise I would be dead by now.But part Phoenix thats going too far..


The Phoenix was said to never have a child,but if he didnt then how come I've got a birthmark that claims I'm in a bloodline with the most rare and powerful bird ever?......

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