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Bring, bring, bring, the sound of the school bell pealed through the early morning air. Sam slouched against the rusty iron gates. Peering down the long winding path Sam thought to himself and conjured up the pictures of his previous school. Grand High, the clue was in the name, Sam had previously gone to one of the best schools in the country. As he tried to remember the distinctive surroundings of his last school the images came back to him, flooding his mind with their bright bold colours, producing the faint image of a tall broad golden gate and placed upon the gate was a gilded crest of the school. Following from the gate was a white marble path which was so well polished that it could have been mistaken for a mirror. Green, green grass and budding plants soon filled his mind, he had come to the central arch. The historic monument placed right in the centre of the marble forecourt, lead him to the many large and clean science class rooms that Sam had done many experiments in. He remembered the grandeur of the school and the golden tiles which were strategically placed around the great hall.
Bang. Sam returned to reality finding himself losing his balance and slowly falling onto the rough sharp edges of the stony path. “What have I told you, lad, stop leaning on the gate” came a croaky Yorkshire accent, Sam rolled his eyes upwards revealing a small tubby man. He was wearing a dark blue jacket and light grey trouser. Sam thought to himself that this man must be a caretaker. “Erm sorry sir” spluttered Sam. But the man just ignored him and plodded back of to a small shack. On the side of this shack was a piece of paper, saying OFFICE. Sam began wondering how he had ended up in this school, if things hadn’t happened so fast he might have been able to stay at his old school and he could have lived with one of his friends rather than have to come to this place. He started scanning the school playground again and the outside of the school. It was dull and not at all attractive, well it just fitted right into this neighbourhood thought Sam. Then he remembered the reason for having to move here, his mother, she had just gotten a new job in the nearby city and thought that this town would be good for his education. Sam was an average height boy with short black hair and brown eyes, he wasn’t a sporty child and never had enjoyed outdoor activities. He had just turned twelve when they moved to the town. He was smarter than the average child and was easily intimidated by others. It was his first day at Wig Wham School Of Learning and he had already fallen over. He watched as the local kid’s strolled into the school grounds. First came the young students with their mothers, who dropped them of at the junior school at the other side of the field, then came a strand of average students. Sam would try and get in with this lot but for now he had been told to come into the school ten minutes later so that they could prepare for him. Shortly after the mothers had left and the average lot stood in the playground, came the whoosh of the bikes and the engines of the teachers cars. Arriving much later than the students. Sam did not appreciate this as he believed to learn you need a dedicated teacher. Then, screeches of laughter echoed around the corner. Sam moved away from the path so as not to be noticed by the thugs that called themselves cool. Why do they see themselves as cool thought Sam? Poking out from behind the concrete post, he thought it best to stay away from that lot until he had settled in.
Jack plunged his pencil into the desk, constructing groves on the smooth white surface. Jack continued to destroy the desk, or as he saw it decorating it. The teacher continued to pound Jack with words, which developed into sentences, but to him they sounded like a queue for an argument. This was one of Jacks many routines of the day. But today he was more occupied with the new boy, he had noticed him as he entered the school, it was time to plan his ritual. It was something that he saw as fun but to his victims was something of torture for a month. But first he had to get through this day, the teachers always kept the new kid’s separate from the rest until they knew their way around school.
Jack was a local boy and had lived in the town for his entire life. He lived with his grandma at the top of the road; the house that he lived in was dark and grey. The wooden beams around the house had snapped in two, and the heating didn’t work. Jack would look after his grandma for every hour that he wasn’t at school, he wasn’t a well known boy and he didn’t see the point in learning, as he had to look after his grandma all the time. “And what do you think you are doing young man, are you listening to me. Jack, Jack?” He turned head slowly round to face the woman that the rest of the class called a teacher, but what Jack called a troll who tricked him, and deprived him of his needs. “Pay attention Jack, if I have to say your name one more time then you’ll be out” proclaimed the troll. He would have to do some work or she would never let him go. The scraping of a pencil signified to the now distraught teacher that Jack was writing. Jack began his work and soon drifted of into a world of his own once again.

The bell rang to signify the end of the third lesson. The two boys both set off down the corridor, both at alternate sides and both heading at some speed towards each other. Little did Sam know that jack intended to meet him down this particular corridor, Jack had done this as he knew that no teachers patrolled the west corridor at lunch. As Jack walked down the long room of windows and doors he noticed the graffiti drawings that he and many of his friends had done. Many people would have seen these drawings as grubby mess that down rated the school. But Jack saw them as works of art and achievement. He often pondered and was inspired by them he found that he would be drawn in by them, translating in his mind as perfection in a world of imperfection.
Sam on the other hand, saw this corridor as a dull spillage of grey paint across a bright coloured rainbow, he moved down the carpeted floor dodging in and out of the passersby. Sam stopped and bent down to tie his never-ending shoelace, or so it seemed never-ending. Glancing up from the floor Sam noticed a large figure staring down at him. “We meet at last” croaked Jack, towering over the little crunched up figure of Sam. “Sorry, can I help” replied Sam. “Oh you certainly can, first you’re going to do my work because I have a busy night, then you come back to me tomorrow and I’ll have more for you to do”. Before Sam could even reply an arm appeared in the air and forced its strength down into the face of Sam. The ripple of Sam's skin travelled like waves through his body. Struggling to get up of the floor Sam was then projected to more of this violent act. Why had this happed thought Sam, what have he done to deserve this. But unfortunately in the mind of Jack this was a way of sealing the deal. Sam was subjected to this for months on end and dreaded coming to school. But on the other hand Jack was having a good time; he had more time to spend on looking after his grandma. He had spent so much of his time balancing the two out that he had just given up. But now he had time to look after his grandma and not worry about his dreaded school life.
The months of Sam’s bullying did not turn into years as he had feared. One day his Mum took him to meet some relatives that lived in the town. This was a shock to Sam as he did not believe he had any relatives for miles. He began wondering what his new relatives were like and how come he had never met them before. His mother explained to him that there was an old woman and a young boy. Sam began to imagine the different features that lied upon the faces of those new relatives. This was some of the most exciting news that he had had all week. He continued constructing their faces and the features that didn’t fit were pushed out of his mind and plunged into darkness. So as he travelled in his mother’s car down the long hilly road where the grass was a shade of velvet and the flowers took on their own dimension, he asked “what’s the name of the new relative”. His mother spoke softly but in an almost forceful way “Jack dear, his name is JACK”, Sam’s began to close up and the once nice day suddenly turned into a grey pain of misery and regret. As the name Jack spiralled around his head in the blood red colour he began constructing the face of his tormentor. Of his BULLY.
The car pulled up to a dilapidated cottage, Sam was shocked and believed this to be a mistake. Old shopping trolleys and bags of litter filled the small weed infested garden. Sam was even more shocked when he entered the house, it looked like it had been bombed in World War 2, and had just been left. Seeing jack caring for his grandma and looking after his grandma was more of a surprise than the house. Maybe Jack wasn’t so bad. Maybe he was just trying g to compensate for something in his life. Ma be that was the reason he hurt people. But best to stay away for a while. Just in case...
“When I was little lot of bad things happened to me. Many things that I have done to people, have been what has also happened to me. I treated people like the way I did because that’s how I was brought up. I have had to look after my grandma all my life, and I never got one moment to myself. I don’t feel like I was a bully, I felt like I was the one being bullied.”
“I didn’t expect to be treat like that when I first arrived at a new school and I was really shocked, but when I saw how tough it was for Jack I couldn’t believe it. It turns out that he was bullying me because he was being used and had been bullied all the way through his life.”
A bully is not always a person that picks on you for no reason whatsoever, they usually are bullied or picked on themselves and find things just as hard as you or I do in everyday life.
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