A multi-personality diary

I have been recently diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and my psychiatrist has asked me to keep a diary. I am quite intrested to see what happens to myself also, I can't remember things that happen sometimes.

P.S: This is complete fiction.


1. Day 1

Hi. My name is Jason. I was born on... well, I was born in 1998. So I'm 14 years old. My psychiatrist has asked me to keep this diary, to study the changes in my personality. I've also been asked to refer to my different personalities as different people. So, I am Jason, and another personality of mine could have another name. Anyway, Today at school, I was talking to my friend Talia, and she told me that she saw my score on the physics test, and apparently I passed it. Only just though. I wasn't happy. I went straight up to Mr.Mahrenholz's room, and demanded he showed me it. I had only gotten 67%. I checked through my answers, to discover that he was right to give me such a low score. I am absolutely devastated.





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