The Perfect Summer (En Sommer Jeg Aldrig Glemmer)

Hvis nogle af jer er i tvivl, så er jeg fra Danmark, men skriver på engelsk!:-)
This Fan Fiction is about the perfect summer for a directioner. The story is about romance, drama, laugh and loads more!:-) You can meet all the boys in this fanfic. and have fun, including making some really good friendship AND maybe a relationship, but you can only find out more by reading it:-) If you like it, then press the like button or you can favorite it:-) Thanks:-) x


1. The Perfect Summer


You were bored at home, so you tried to call everyone in your phone. Your best friend picked it up, and you could talk for hours with her. You were talking about One Direction. Ofcourse.


Best friend: ''Soo, what are you going to do today?'' 

You: ''Haha, thanks for asking, I'm doing nothing. Do you wanna see the new movie we've been talking about?'' 

Best friend: ''Yeah! I would love to do that, see ya later!'' You hang up and smiled.   


You arrived at the cinemas. Loads of people were stressing around. Suddenly you saw a big group of girls screaming and running. That was insane. You decided to find out what they were up to. Niall Horan and Liam Payne was in the middle of that group of girls. You joined the screaming group of girls and suddenly Niall stopped and looked at you. You freezed. Then Niall and Liam disappeared. That was the best moment of your life.   

After the movie you had to pee. You ran, but when you looked back to see where your best friend was, you ran into something. That something was Niall Horan. You fell and hurted your ankle. Niall turned around quickly and was chocked!  


Niall: ''Oh my god, are you all right?! I didn't see you!''

You: ''Yeah, I think I hurted my ankle.'' You tried to stand up, but you couldn't. You were in to much pain.

Niall: ''Are you okay?''

You: ''No, I can't stand up.''  


Niall looked really chocked at you, and you looked down on your ankle. You could feel Niall looking at you. Niall was surrounded by security.   


Niall: ''You should go to the hospital, it doesn't look good.'' He looked really seriously.

You: ''No, it's nothing. I'm fine.'' You lied to him. 

Niall: ''Yes, you have to! I can get a taxi to pick you up or something?'' He smiled that little smile that every girl would die to see.

You: ''Are you sure? I don't think it's so bad?''

Niall: ''Yes i'm sure.''   Niall turned around to call a taxi. You were fangirling inside, but outside you were cool. Niall began to laugh. The most sweetest laugh in the world, you couldn't stop smiling.  

The taxi arrived and you sat in. Niall also sat in. You were looking weird at him. Why did he sat in the taxi too? He smiled at you at told the driver to drive to the hospital.  


You: ''Niall? Why are you still with me? I thought you had work to do?''

Niall: .....  

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