Pervet of the life book.

This FUGLY guy keeps stalking me- i heard a rhumer he writing a book on me, WAKOO. But i must admit hes not that fugly, kinda fit actually.


1. erick

So in school theirs this new guy- Erick. I fucking swear he followed me home the other day. Jesus hes a stalker, today while i was doing my makeup i look outside my house and guess what i see, no dude just guess- yepp ERICK!!. So i go up to him and ask, "I didnt know you lived here" he just looked at me and replied "i was waiting for you" now that a line pervs use, next he will be asking me if i want a free iphone i have to go to an underground cellar with him- no thankyou bin laden. "how do you know where i live?" and his answer was shocking "its what happens when you walk home too slow, its called stalking". So i ran home and didnt go to school that day, boi  hes a creep.

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