The little narwhal

FrOm the birth of a narwhal called jimmy to te end of its life. Little jimmy was taken away from his mum and takn to a zoo. He was trained to be a show animal, but one day something happened that changed jimmy's life.


1. Birth

One day there was a little new born narwhal called Jimmy. He was born with no horn so his mother had to protect him until he grew a horn. Everyday when he woke up his mother would be gone looking for food to feed little Jimmy and herself. Jimmy's mother always came back with food. One night Jimmy couldn't sleep because he thought something bad was going to happen, but when he woke up the next morning and ... he had a horn!! Oh Jimmy was so happy about this, he couldn't wait to tell his mum when she came back from getting food. A few minutes later his mum came back but, where was Jimmy?
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