Circle You, Circle You.

Back when World War 2 started the Nazis took over an Orphanage which held a total of 31 children. This is a brunch of diary entrees from one of those children. One of the children who became- AN IMMORTAL CHILD. Taken from the POV of Hellishan a young girl who is afraid of the forest outside and hates games, one is particular- Circle you, Circle you. Written by Alisa! xx


7. Too bad, he's gone Yuki


Dear Diary,

I went in to her room and told her everything, she was crying but I just kept on talking waiting for her to stop. I nearly started to cry myself but I was too scared as I heard Choko even louder now as I talked of her death. Yuki cuddled me softly and stroked my hair, I wanted to find this odd but me and her don’t usually cuddle so I smiled a lot more today without Yuki having to tell me to.

She was calmer than I’d thought she’d be but she was still a bit angry. It made her want to start up the pranks again so we went into my bedroom and did a bit of planning but me had to whisper this time. It was a lot more extreme than the last time considering what they had done. Yuki even wanted to hurt them this time and I said that was sad and mean but I guess she doesn’t care that much because she kept it on the list.

Clown’s gone missing, I’m very scared and I miss him. Yuki misses him a whole lot more though because when she found out she went to the bathroom and I heard her weeping. I tried to get her to talk but it’s like she’s got a bandage round her mouth. Kagari more worried than I’d thought he’d be considering they don’t talk much but they might in the playroom.

3 other people went missing too. These people were:

Shouta- This is a guy who just joined a few weeks ago, from what I’ve gathered he doesn’t like girls so much as he says they have ‘cooties’ and hangs out with guys. His parents are divorced and they moved him here while they go off on their merry way to get more families- he doesn’t know if they’re coming back for him or not. Sometimes when the day is still bright he climbs out of the window and sits on the sill swinging his legs. Once I saw him on one of the trees and he was balancing on the highest branch. He wants to go further but the trees are spaced apart a bit too much. He is 12.

Mayu- A girl who moved here ages ago. An odd sort really, I’ve seen her quite a few times but she never leaves her room, if the staff didn’t force her to eat I don’t think she would go to meals. She always wears the same moth-bitten black and red dress. I think her mum gave her it so she never puts it down. It’s black with reds bows at the sides and a piano design at the bottom. She is the prettiest girl in the orphanage; she has blonde wavy hair that matches her pale skin and big golden eyes. The kids at the orphanage give her bits and bobs from the playroom and then in a day or 2 a cuddly toy that is made out of the strangest things is left behind her door. She herself has a tin bunny that has yellow eyes and barely any limbs; she never leaves her room without it. She is 13.

Riko- Riko is popular with almost everyone, the queen bee of this place. Her parents are still alive and always send her designer clothes, the only reason she’s here is that they have to do abroad work while the war is on and they don’t want her be to alone. As much as I want to hate her I can’t because she is really nice and polite to everybody. All the kids follow her around like she is God; I can’t image how they would get to her because she’s never alone. She is 12.

Tomorrow is Helita’s Birthday and I want to make her a birthday present. I took one of the pages that Yuki and I were using for the plan and drew her. I drew her looking at the forest and I drew the forest children, they were only shadows in the picture but Helita was smiling. The weirdest thing was that I didn’t feel like I was drawing it by myself- it was like someone was standing over me and moving my hand for me. I finally drew a boy beside her, he had black hair that swept over his cat-like eyes and he had his hand on her back, which was impossible because Helita would have screamed in his face if that happened.

Its night now and Kagari said that he didn’t want to sleep in my bed tonight, he wanted to get stronger and I respect him for that. Even in the darkness though I can see there is someone sleeping on Clown’s bed and it’s not clown. She’s looking at me blankly like her eyes are made of glass, each of them different colours. Yuki really does love Clown, too bed he’s already gone.

Night Night Diary,

Hellish 3:)

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