Lana is unsociable but when a boy appears at her school, he makes her feel uneasy.


6. Pizza.


When I got into the class Carlos flicked up the collar of his shirt and took a seat, fortunately it was at the other side of the classroom. I sat next to my brother who once again chanted happy birthday to you. “Knock it off!” Mr Larn snapped, he loved me, but my brother was a complete different story. “Sorry.” Haden offered his idea of a proper apology to the teacher and opened up his book. I let out a small giggle and got out my work.


The class was silent when my brother whispered. “Who’s the new kid you walked in with?” He moved his head in the direction of Carlos, who had the collar of his shirt flicked up as high as it could go. “It’s Carlos; I think he’s a creep.” My brother smirked. “You think most people are Creeps.” He commented, which was true but I truly meant it for Carlos. “I know but he was in my last lesson and he wouldn’t stop staring at me.” My brother looked over towards him, eyes narrowed, and then there was another knock at the door. “Pizza for...” A pizza boy wearing colourful clothing was standing at the door and my brother looked panicked. He mouthed something to his friend Conner and they both stood up.


“Sit down!” I whispered to him but my tone was harsh. “Pizza, what Pizza?” Conner began. “We know nothing but if a free Pizza going.” My brother headed towards the door and pushed the guy back, shoving a £20 note into his pocket. “So you will be going now.” My brother handed the Pizza to Conner and whispered to the boy. “Keep the change.” Then he slammed the door, Mr Larn ignored it and continued to write on the bored, he considered my brother and Conner to be... lost causes. The class broke out into hushed laughs, unlike me my brother was considered popular, he could talk to people and they all instantly liked him, with the acceptation of Mr Larn. To girls he was funny, good looking and on the football team.


He gestured to Conner who followed with the pizza and grabbed a chair on his way. The only other person who liked me was Conner, but I think that was because he was Haden’s best friend.

“Hey Lana, Happy birthday.” Conner swung his arm around me and laughed, before retreating into his chair and opening the pizza box. Conner was like a third brother to me and could have been but he wasn’t even closely related to me. “Want some Lana?” Haden offered and I declined. “But it’s your favourite cheese and jalapeño. I ordered it so you could have a piece.” His eyes pleaded so I had to take a slice. “Thanks.” I took the smallest slice, even though that didn’t actually satisfy him, he let it slip.


“So, you enjoying your birthday?” Conner asked before stuffing a piece of pizza in his mouth.”Yes, it’s great.” Conner nodded. “I got you this.” He put a box on the table before scanning the room. “You didn’t have to.” He shook his head. “I didn’t have to I wanted to.” That made my smile widen and I opened it. There was a small silver ring with a small diamond in the centre. “It’s gorgeous, you shouldn’t have.” He waved it off. “Thank you Conner.” I put an arm around him and squeezed out a hug. “It’s fine.” I put the ring on my finger and admired it. I didn’t like getting spoiled but it was nice to know Conner did like me enough to get me a present.


I turned to see Carlos looking round at me again, so did Haden. He turned to Conner leaning on his elbows. “Who is that kid?” Conner took a sly glance. “That’s the new kid, Carlos, I think. I don’t know much apart from he’s quiet and weird. He seems like a rebel though he drives a motor bike and has a weird tattoo.” Conner shrugged and went back to stuffing his face. Conner knew everything about anyone, if you wanted dirt on someone he could get it, he was like a high school spy. He pushed a hand through his dark hair and glanced again. “What’s he looking at?” Conner shifted in his seat and Haden turned to me. “I see what you mean.” I nodded. “Exactly.” I turned and his gaze was still fixed on me, when my brother met his eyes he looked away and my brother grunted.

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