Soul Stealer

The soul stealer has been released...


1. Prolouge

Tick tock, 0.10.

The people inside are oblivious.

Tick tock, 0.09.

The ultimate theft.

Tick tock, 0.08.

So many lives wasted today.

Tick tock, 0.07.

The bell rings.

Tick tock, 0.06.

Students pack up.

Tick tock, 0.05.

They start to leave, unaware of what will come.

Tick tock, 0.04.

They have little time left.

Tick tock, 0.03.

It will be over soon.

Tick tock, 0.02.

Nobody knows but the one who sits watching.

Tick tock, 0.01.

If only they could have escaped.

Tick tock, 0.00.

The school explodes.

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