Every rose has It's Thorn

Sherry has been with her boyfriend Drake for 2 months, they were getting on well but now the only thing holding them together is their love for music


1. The song

Sherry and Drake have been dating for 2 months, The met on a school trp when w all went camping in the new forest, whn they met they started of as friends but it grew stronger and you could see that they liked each other alot everytime they were together they smiled and laughed more than we haad evr sen them in the 3 years that our year had known them. At the end of the week the teachers who came with us organised a concert and our fello students so to speak could perform and Drake sang a sogit was Sherrys favorite song from the 80's even though she wasn't born in the 80's . He sang can't fight this feeling anymore, it was so sweet after the song they looked at each other Sherry ran up on to he stage and kissed him, the boys in our year wolf whistled and the girls screamed. Over th next few days the only time they were apart was when they had to go to sleep in seperate tents other than that they were together all the time they were so in tune with each other if drake moved slightly than Sherry would adjust her position to match his and vice versa.



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