Under the tree there lives...

Amelia discovers some weird looking things the pink and the blue living under an old oak tree. They need protecting but will Amelia help?


4. How they came to meet.

Right where shall I stat.

Amelia lives next to the wood so one day she deceded to have a walk though the wood to see if she could find any musheooms for her lunch.

It jst so happened that the pink and the blue were out that day too.

Well, Amelia found a pretty little mushroom beside a big oak tree " Uuumm... this looks scrummy!" she said so she

picked it and let out a small squeek when she found two weird looking creatures one pink and one blue.

And yes of corse it was the pink and the blue which other blob like pink and blue creatures have you ever come across.


Yes exactly! None!

Anyway back to Amelia and the pink and the blue.

"Who are you?" she asked shaking madly.

"We are the pink and the blue" the pink said pointing to it and the blue.

And notice how I said 'it'. Yeah it has no gender or species or anything for that matter. If I ask it if it was a male or female I would seem a bit rude wouldn't I. No?

"I can see that. But what are you." Amelia said mouth wide open in awe.

The blue spoke this time ," we are from the mistical, magical land of underthetree." he said.

"It gets lonely down there all by our selves, so we sometimes come up," the pink said.

"But we mainly stay down there to hide from Evil von Evils," the blue said waving its arms about spookily.

Amelia looked confussed, I mean how woldn't see just found to weird things and not only are they talking to her but there talking about living under a tree and hiding from evil von watzit! "Who is he!"

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