The Guardian Angel

Sixteen year old Caitlynn lost both her parents and her younger brother in a car accident. She has now been adopted by her aunt and uncle. She is looking forward to a hard life, but what happens when she meets Tedd, a kind but quite weird boy, and the mysterious Audrey, who tells her a story about different worlds, a kingdom, angels and God?

Note: I put the chapters up as pages - so each chapter is approximately one page in my Word document. AND, sorry for typos and mistakes - I rarely look back at it, so please forgive me.


1. Page one

My tears mixed up with the rain that was pouring down from the sky and hit my face. It felt odd. A mixture of cold rain and warm tears. My eyes felt sore and red, and I realized that I had been standing in the rain, crying for a long time.

It was silent around me. It was beginning to darken. I was alone, standing on a small road, was watching the water in the lake travel its destined way. I slowly turned around and looked at my surroundings. They were beginning to become familiar. I knew the trees. I could remember the path down here, just outside town. I had been coming there a lot since the accident. Even though it has only been a day, this had already become my place. I came there when I was in the hospital. I had been there lots of times before, but I never imagined that I would end up living there. Once, it may have sounded awesome to live at my aunt’s place, but the circumstances had made it less appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my aunt really much, and my uncle and cousin, too. But the last week has been quite a hell for me.

My parents and younger brother died. In a car accident. I was in the car, too, but I was the only one who had a chance to survive. The doctors couldn’t do anything.

We were just going to my grandparents’ place. We hadn’t seen them in quite a while, so we were all very excited. But then it all happened so fast. My brain still can’t keep up with it. One moment, we were all sitting in the car, laughing and singing. The next, all I could pick up was a huge noise, screams and the sound of metal getting smashed. I never lost consciousness completely. I don’t think my brain would let me, nor my heart. The last glimpse of my family I got was a bloody, crushed and dead one. My parents on the front seat, already almost dead. My mom managed to turn her head and smile at me and my brother. I almost couldn’t recognize her. She sad three words, only a low whisper: “We love you.” And then she sunk back into her seat. I turned my head and looked at my brother. His little body was a mess. He had always been little and small of age, but just then, he looked so fragile. Out of his window, I saw the car that had hit us from behind. His back had a weird position. Then I cried.

The next thing that I remember is the ambulance coming. I was taken out of the car, even though I resisted with all my might. I hadn’t wanted to be separated from my family. But they took me away. In the ambulance, they gave me some sleep-medicine and from then, I don’t remember much more. Only waking up at the hospital, being numb from the painkiller. And alone. Oh, so alone. From the moment I woke up, I remembered everything, the blood and the pain that I apparently didn’t feel in the moment. I guess that I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t feel the pain at that time, but now, when I think back, my whole body still aches with burning pain.

I wasn’t hurt that much, though. A concussion, a couple pressed rips and a lot of scars, a particularly big on just behind my ear, running all the way down my neck in my left side. I lifted my hand and felt the scar. It had band aid all over, it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I could feel it through the band aid, the skin, the scar and the warm blood. Every time I moved my head, what little scab had been built, broke yet again.

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