The powers of four.

Four 13 year olds, Cathy,Zelda,Mathew,and Sam, are new to Walkbrook high school they have persuaded there parents to send them to a different school after being bullied and excluded in their old schools. This is all for the same reason, they all have a certain ability in common.......


1. Meeting Zelda.


I had never had a friend before, not a real one anyway. People would pretend to be friends with me and then get secrets out of me and go and tell all their friends.

My family had never cared much for me, i was the weird one in the house. My older sister Sapphire was the favorite and i was the unwanted one. I think they were scared of me.

Then i met Zelda....

"So are you sure this is what you want?" asked mum.

"Yes i am sure, people might think differently of me." 

"Good luck with that then!" she Chortled.

I glared at her angrily.  I walked out and slammed the door ferociously. Boiling angry tears in my eyes. 

I walked to my new school, biting my lip the whole way forever worrying because i had a big secret, a very big secret.  I suddenly realized there was a girl walking beside me wearing lots of charms and bracelets with long black hair, she was beaming at me happily.

"Whats wrong?" she asked.

"You wouldn't understand." i muttered.

" I would!" she said surprised.  I smiled.

"My names Zelda." she said. " My names...", I began.

"Your name's Cathy!"  

"Yes" I said in utter shock.  

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