Harry Styles - Love Story

It's a story my friend wrote to me. :)
Would like to share it with you, write what you think <3
It's about Harry Styles from 1D!;)


7. On the beach


He took your hand and you walked down to the beach, he had laid a blanket in the sand. Beside there were a little basket with soda and strawberries. “Orh, Harry! This is amazing!” “Ha-ha, it is because, you are special, so I wanted to do this night to the best night you ever had” He said with a little smile on his mouth. “Harry, just being with you making me happy” you said and he turned around. You stood so close, his lips almost touched yours when I started to rain. He did that thing with his hair and laughed. He took your hand again and you ran into the sand. He toppled you, and lay on the top of you. you laughed “Harry!” “He stood up and helped you up from the sand. It rained a lot; your hair was all wet. Then, the most fantastic moment in your life happened, yes, he kissed you, in the rain. His lips were soft and he smelled like apple. He kissed you slowly and hard. He holds his hands on your hip, and you hold your hands on his neck. Finally he let go of you, but you’re faces were still very close, your noses touched each other. He gave you a little kiss on the cheek, and then he took your shirt of, under you only wear a bra. You took his t-shirt of and you ran down to the water. Harry lifted you up and walked out in the cold ice blue water. Then he set you down, a cold feeling ran trough your body, but you weaned you to it. He looked at you and said; “I love you” he kissed you again. This was indescribably.  
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