Twisted Love

Serena has lost the one she loves and is prepared to do anything to get him back.

Dedicated to Adam Gilray for his darkly inspiring work. This is my entry into his and Jodie's ultimate competition :)


1. Dead Meat

She was a panther, silky, shimmering fur, silent, padded feet, dark abyss-like eyes... She was an eagle, flying over the dark mountain tops, the air gliding over and under her beautiful brown/grey feathers...

The man hanging naked from the ceiling whimpered, the tape over his mouth obscuring his words but Selena got the gist. 

'Will you please,' she spun around to face him, 'shut the fuck up!'

The long handled dagger she held in one hand was thrust into his chest. His eyes bulged and the whimpering began again in earnest, but this time it was cut short because the wound was deep and deadly and even though his flab was thick it had pierced his heart and killed him.

Selena stared at his swinging corpse in disgust. His chest hair, positively rug-like, was matted with congealed sweat and blood. She yanked the knife out, causing him to swing even more, and wiped off the worst of the blood with his clothes. 

'Thank you.'

She resumed her prior position. Legs crossed, the skirts of her dress spread out over the cold stone floor, eyes closed and face serene.

She was a snake, gliding over the floor, scales smooth and cold. She was a zebra... A zebra? Her eyes flew open and she gave a throaty cluck of annoyance. In one elegant movement she stood up. Clearly that was all the meditating she would get done today.

She turned to the dead man and cocked her head to one side. Slowly a small smile crept over her face and, raising one talon like finger nail, she cut into the flesh. Blood oozed out and dropped onto the floor in, surprisingly loud, pitter-patters. Once she had finished she threw her head back a gave a shouting laugh. Then her head transformed, her body shrunk and her arms outstretched until she was a magnificent looking eagle. Her yellow eye glinted and with a shrill cry she took off and flew out of the cold, abandoned, stone hall.


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