It only took a look

this story is about a 14 year old girl who falls in love with the wrong guy and the consequences are fatal * this is not based on any personal experiences nor anyone else*


1. love

love, what is it ? we hear about it 24/7 but it is never clearly defined. Does it truly exist or is it just an idea planted inside our minds from an early age? what ever love is it always finds a way to cause trouble. Love truly makes or breaks a person , so is love the root of all happiness or all evil?


my journey with love  started exactly 2 years ,5months and 13 days. This was they day that I first lade eyes on him my world has never been the same. With that first glimpse during history , it was a cold , wet , grey Monday morning and I was not in the mood to listen  to a hour long class about the political change during the industrial revolution and after fifteen minuets my ears started to bleed so just as thought I was about to die he walked though the door drenched in water ,  the entier class froze nobody had ever seen him before , nobody quite knew what to say.

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