Look behind those cat eyes.

Kelsey has just mauled the boy she loved in an uncontrollable act. She can shift from human to lioness as she pleases but when it happens randomly it can have grave consequences, but Winton still wants her back because he can look past those cat eyes and see the girl he loves, and always will.


1. Have to leave.



I ran towards my boyfriend, his blond hair clotted with blood, his white T-shirt bathed in blood, blue eyes staring into space. A tear slithered down my cheek and landed on his forehead. He didn’t blink. I slapped his cheek, waiting for a response. “Please be ok!” I begged.

I gave him mouth to mouth, forcing air to fill his lungs, and then pressed down on his chest, trying to restart his heart. When he let out a gasp I stumbled back. I looked at my hands; I couldn’t believe what just happened. I thought I had learned to control this monster inside me. Winton thought I had learned to control it. He kept reassuring me he would be fine, that he loved me and I couldn’t hurt him, he was wrong. I had shifted, wanting to kill him, the lioness inside me letting her hunting instinct take over.

I cried into my naked legs, I had gotten the fright of my life; I had shifted for no reason attacking the boy I loved. The only one who knew about my secret. I watched his chest rise and fall over and over again. My clothes were in shreds from the transformation leaving me naked. I looked at my boyfriend, he needed help. I crawled to his side and went into his pocket pulling out his small touch screen mobile and calling 911.“Yes hello, I would like to report an animal attack. There is a boy lying in dark ridge forest, he’s been mauled by something, he needs urgent attention please hurry.” I ended the call and lay down beside Winton.

I whispered in his ear. “I’m so sorry, I will leave you now, and you won’t see me again. I don’t want to hurt you, I love you Winton always remember that.” I took a deep breath and stood to my full height. I could see his eyes white with fear, and they begged me to stay, pleading that it wasn't my fault. I bit my lip and whispered silently into the wind “Bye.” I fled off into the forest leaving the only evidence of my existence behind in my family and Winton.

My house was at the edge of the forest; I snuck in doors and packed my stuff. My parents weren’t home so I had no worry of them finding me. I got dressed in my sweats and a jumper. I could hear the wails of the ambulance. If Winton told them I was planning to run they would stop me, I had to move fast. Not that he was in any state to talk, but wouldn’t be the first time he surprised me. I went into my piggy bank pulling out my life savings for college and university, and for when I bought a house of my own. There was about a thousand dollars in two clay pig shaped banks. I was proud of myself. I went into the kitchen and got my passport and another two thousand dollars. I borrowed it from my parents but planned to send a letter back with money in it. I was going to pay it back. I wrote a very heartfelt letter, explaining how I felt the need to go off and make my own way, but mentioned nothing about my ability or Winton. I picked up my courage and headed for the door, I was doing this for everyone’s safety, especially Winton.

I went out into the forest and dropped my bag, I shifted bones cracking, and shifting out of place, until I changed into a pure white lioness, with what looked like a golden collar around my neck. That was another reason I had to go, it would look weird if a wild lioness was running around the forests of America. I was seventeen; legally I was free to go where I please. I picked up the bag in my large canines and bounded off towards the airport. 

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