Someone Special

Cody is new at school and only the first day he gets his eyes open for Jade, Jade with the sparkling eyes just as blue as sapphires. But Jade have a boyfriend named Mark, Mark who doesn't seem to like Cody very well. Only mark know that thats not the way. He can't tell anyone that he really is attracted to Cody. They wouldn't accept him if he told them he's gay. But he've gotta take a chance, maybe Cody like him back...
- A Co-author thing with me (GuardianAngel), BRich and Lia-loves-cookies.


1. Cody - Meeting the principal

As soon as the huge wooden doors close behind me a woman walk up to me.

"Come with me" She sputters without even giving me a glare. Her eyes are locked on focused on the board I'm holding in my one hand. What now? I follow her on the awkward stroll trough the school. Awkward? Yea, cause everyone's staring at me. So what I'm 'the new kid'? Haven't they ever seen a person before. The woman walk in a speed I can barely keep up with. Then we finally stop. In front of the principals office. I walk in after her.

"Sit down please" She directs me to a chair made of something looking not so different from a cobra. The whole office seem to be having some kind of animal-theme. Lamps with necks looking like a giraffes and a mat made of lion-skin. probably fake. Who is she? I can't help my dislike when I see how she act alone at her office. Although, now she's not alone.

"Skateboards are not allowed in this school. Hand it over to me please" her hand reaches out against me. A sign for me to give her my board. I smash down on the cobra-chair at the same time as I drop my board to the ground.

"Sure" I smile at her. After just a few moments of staring at me she walk to my side of the table where she pick my board up.

"You can come get it after school" I nod. What else to do? If I disagree she'll probably give me detention. "You're free to go now" I smile again. A little bit ironic. Thanks. Really.

"I'm Cody. Cody Fable.. I'm new and.." Her head turns to me with a snap. She walk back to me after putting my skateboard in one of the corners of the room.

"Well of course" She smile at me like we've just met. I sit still, waiting. Why's she not saying anything? What is this!?

"I was told to go to the principals office to get schedules and stuf..." I tell her with a meaningfull stare. Her eyes are all widened when she look trough some drawers. Take it easy, I think. It's not like I'm gonna die if I don't get them in time...

"Here's a map over the school and your class schedule"  Two thin papers get laid in front of me. The principal walk back to her side of the table and sit down on another snake-covored-chair "I have arranged for somebody to guide you through the school your first day... I wonder..." She Jump up of the chair and walk to the door whom she pull up. Is she really healthy? One person can't be that absent can they?

"Jade... Oh there you are! Come on in" Maybe she have some kind of skull-fracture. She walk into the office again, this time with a girl beside her. "Cody, Jade. Jade, Cody" The principal does that pointing thing when she presents us to each other. Sapphire. I stare at her. Her eyes are blue. Just as blue as Sapphire. I smile even more. She has eyes blue as sapphire when she's named Jade. I know from my mother that Jade is a gemstone.

"Hi" She smile at me whilst shaking my hand. I smile back. Where did she come from? Outer space?

"Hi" Intelligent answer.

"So, so. Of you go!" The principal pushes us out from the room. "Don't get late!" The last part drowns behind the closed door. Me and Jade walk past rows of different colored lockers. Still with all those people staring at me.

"So.." She's still smiling at me. It doesn't look to real. "Where you from?" I look at her from the side. Why she's wondering? I open my mouth to answer when we get interupted.

"Jade!" A guy walk up to us. He stare at me with a couple of evil eyes. What have I ever done to him?

"Mark" She say with a twittering voice and clang onto his arm. "This is Cody" She look at me with her blue eyes. "Cody, this is my boyfriend Mark"

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