Two Lives, Two Friends

Two lives, two friends. Two girls have been best friends since who knows how long. As they go through to high school hormones start to take over and ruin odd parts of their friendship. But deep inside both of them, they know not even the most powerful source can rip them apart...


1. Introduction...

The two friends are Elizabeth (12) and Willow (11). Instead of rushing into the story Ill tell you a bit about these two besties. Elizabeth (Eliza) is 12 with silky long blonde hair (and before you think she is not a 'dumb blonde'). Her eyes always sparkle bright hazel. Her personality is...a little strange shall we say. She changes from time to time but shes definitely shy and maybe emo. Shes not that sure yet.

Anyway onto the gorgeous one of the two friends, Willow has the better personality and manages to put up with the rather strange one. She has long wavy brown hair, long sparkly eyelashes which hover just above her light brown eyes. She has a different personality as Eliza, hers is stuck in stone. Willow has the chime (great singing), she does lots of athletics, more secretive than Eliza and shy. You'll learn more about them as we head on towards their lives.

Lets set off...Shall we?

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