An unexpected tale of a guy who lives hard days


1. The beginning, The 'McAlister misunderstanding'.

This chapter is dedicated to a short incident, a misunderstanding that happened to me 2 years ago. I call this my personal 'McÁlister case.' Until today, I personally must admit, I do not know what exactly happened. The source and reason for the event is to me very clear, yet how serious and misleading the situation was is still a mystery to me. I was young, in fact at an age where the 9 out of 10 Middle school teachers would categorize as 'the innocent age.' Like any other children, I attended a school, an internationally school to be specific. I can not recall the exact time this happened, yet one clue that will help me tell this misfortune is that, I had a 'crush' on a girl, who was a year older than me. 


Getting down to what exactly happened, I began with the rapid increase in the volume of blood passing through my cardiac system. Time was passing slowly, and midnight was approaching. Out of my mental consciousness, I grabbed my mother's mobile phone and the school directory book. I ran my finger down the pages until I reached the 'M' list. I found a McAlister. Not realizing what i was doing I typed a text, a unsophisticated 'hello', accompanied by self introduction. I sent the text. To my surprise, that sparked a text conversation between me and McAlister. For the next, several 600 seconds, I found my self lost, in dreamy texting. Excited, and despite the decrease in the call credit and the damage caused by close neon screen to my eyes in darkness, i continued to text. Until i fell asleep. As far as I can remember: I did not mentioned anything about sexual intercourse or anything that might have offended McAlister. The texting history recorded on the phone, provide a concrete evidence for me being innocent and not guilty. 


The night passed and not before long, I was in school again. It was a very odd and awkward school day. Peers and teachers gazed over me secretly over the reflections on the windows. For a moment, I thought that it was my new haircut, but it wasn't. As the sun moved from east to west, school ended. To my surprise, i was picked up by my parents, both of them. This was rather unusual, since only my mother would usually pick me up. Jumping onto the backseat, I was asked a question:' Was there anybody missing in school today?.' You can tell where this is going. 


And now here is the shocking part. That same night, my parents came to me and told me that I had sexually harassed McAlister, verbally of course. McAlister was said to have told her mother, and the news reached the school office in less than an hour. McAlister showed up at the office weeping. Her parents were by her side, hands padding her shoulders (according to a friend of mine, an eyewitness of the situation). The evidence that proved me innocent, was not accepted. McAlister mobile phone was not investigated into. I did not sexually harassed McAlister through my text. I was lost, caught in a moment, a thoughtless moment.


My hatred grew for McAlister. I wanted nothing more than justice over my harmless actions towards her. The following year saw the improvements in my school grades. My success in the school Junior basketball team, the Academic role honor and gains in public popularity did not satisfied my train of emotion. My inner ego wanted revenge, my heart still longed to love her. 


I took no further action. Heartbroken, I left the school. It was not because of McAlister. My father had obtained a new job, in another country. A place far, far away from McAlister.



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