I would die for him,I would happily take my life for him,if it stopped him being killed.
Unfortunatly I didn't have to,I had to keep a secert that could kill me.
I knew the risks but trying NOT to die and save a vampire is pretty hard to do.So I try to avoid the saving the fuckin' vampire job.
I have the worst bloody life ever.Born into a family that so happened to owe a lot of blood to a rather hungry vamp clan,they died and now I live under the wing {Or is it fang?} of the kindest vampire ever {even though he can be very annoying.}
Rune Charlsworth is my hero{or is he da bad guy 'coz he's a vamp?}anyway he saved me and what do I get after helping him for 13 fuckin' bloody years?????


4. the twentysecond hour of 25th December 1864

I sat on my bed when the man walked in,I knew his intention,kill me then run.I tried to scream but the sounds lodged in my throat.


Rune burst in and threw the intruder out of the window.

"Violet do you remember your sisters?"Rune asked,wich was bizare,I nodded

"Well they didn't die,they're alive.They're vampires."

That piont,I'd been attacked,bitten,laughed at and I'd had enough really.I fainted.

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