One Person Can Make A Difference

World peace, something that nearly every human being wants. People to care, and treat others with the same respect. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, everyone should be treated equally. If you have a dream or something you really want, go for it, it can change your life forever.


1. Prologue: My Story


Why do we have to live in a world full of hatred? Where there are so many selfish, self-centred and self-absorbed people?  Some people go to drastic measures just to get what they want. Being held at gun point, strangled and having a knife held to your throat. What has this world come to? And why is it that some people have to judge you before they even know you? Is it because they were a victim once in their life?


didn't lead a normal life. But, what is a normal life? Is being kept in a room with a bed and no windows a normal life? I don’t know. Do you? I never really felt anything, apart from fear. I was living in fear and couldn’t escape.  But that was reality.


All I ever wanted was a life. To be someone, to be loved and to be respected. But I had nothing. Well... I was clothed and sheltered, I respected that. But they never fed me, I had to sneak out to actually get some food, then I would get caught, and would then be punished. I had to live with it. No one really cared for me. I had to live with it. But one day I stood up for myself, and boy things changed. I thought I would regret it, but I didn’t. It made me someone, people loved me and people respected me.


But hey, people say the truth really does hurt when it comes out.


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