Life after Fred

Life after the Death of Fred Weasley.
Written in George's Point of View.


1. Never Forgotten


'If I should forget you, how should I forget my whole life?'

I can't believe he's gone, my best friend, my brother and my life. I watched him die in front of me, the rubble around him, the tears in my eyes. 'Fred, Wake up. I don't like this joke' I cried, my eyes were in disbelief but my heart thought otherwise. I had spent most of my life with Fred and now I'm alone In the world, alone and depressed. Nothing and Nobody can change the way I feel about the world now, not even Felix Felicis can make me happy, or even lucky.

'George, dear. Please could you come down?' I hear my Mum shout from downstairs, I walk towards my door, 'Fred+George' carved into it. 'Alohomora' I whisper, the door unlocks, I step out. Slowly walking down the stairs, I hear Mum and Dad talking. 'What are we supposed to do, Molly?' Dad says, I step into the kitchen but Dad walks away. 'Did I do anything wrong?' I ask, nervously. Mum sits down at the kitchen table, I go to join her.

'Me and your Father were thinking, maybe we could go to Fred's grave and plant some flowers. What do you think?' Mum asks, trying her best to smile. I nod my head. I quickly run Into my room and grab a photograph of Me and Fred hugging each other, I run back downstairs, smiling.

'We need to go now, Mum' I quickly blurt out, She smiles and heads for the door. 'Meet In the graveyard soon Freddie boy!' I whisper.

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