Isis is a 15 year old high-school student in the United States, testing out the imperfections of true love with her boyfriend, Quincy, a graduating senior. Just before he leaves for college, Isis finds out she is pregnant, but Quincy leaves her in the hands of the sterotyping teenagers we call the next generation. Even when she finds common ground with a student and an underdog, Isis must still try to overcome it all and take care of her baby. *Not a true story, pure fiction*


1. Boyfriend

I looked into Quincy’s eyes and its darkness surrounded me, engulfed in pleasure just to stand by him. He brushed my bangs out of my face gently, smiled, and was pleased with us.


    “I never thought,” Quincy started deeply into my eyes, “That at 18, I would have already found my soul mate.” I shifted my eyes, breaking our connection, and sat on my bed, just as he did the same.


    “If you would have told me, three months ago,” I said, taking his hand, “I would have thought you were a stalker.” Again, we locked eyes, and he leaned forward, making our faces close. We kissed. It wasn’t the first time we had kissed. That would have been at the theater during a movie that was too bloody for my taste. We had cuddled and, when my mom turned her head away, we had locked lips.


    This kiss was different, with more fireworks and connection between us. I didn’t shudder when he slipped in some tongue. It was passionate and wonderful and… I wanted him. A knock came from the door, startling me and made me pull my lips away. Quincy hopped on the floor and opened my math textbook. My mother entered, purse slung over her shoulder, and shoes on.


    “I’m heading out to get dinner. I’m thinking that pick-up chicken you like, Isis?” I nodded in approval, and my mom’s attention was drawn to Quincy. “Would you like to stay for dinner?”


    “That would be wonderful, Mrs. Mendson.”


    “Alright,” She then turned to me. “I’ll be back in about twenty minutes. Dad is sleeping so don’t wake him. He just came back from China. Big time change,” Mom told Quincy. She closed the door, and I shot up to lock it. Quincy was at the window, watching as her car drove down the street and turned the corner, then slowly closed the curtains, watching for my approval. I did. In a flash, we sat down again and kissed like crazy.


    Quincy gently laid me on the bed and got on top of me. I wanted him so badly. He kissed my neck and got down to my collarbone. I ruffled his hair. How could I let him know that I wanted him? I broke off, out of breathe just as he was, and smiled at him.


    I spread my legs open slightly, trying to invite him. The look on his face was priceless: wide eyes with a hint of enthusiasm. Immediately he got back on top of my and I took off his shirt. Kissing, loving, doing: we spent the next ten minutes in pleasure.

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