Out of Reach

This is a story of a teenage romance which blossoms into something beyond beautiful. It has twists and turns, where a young couple fall in and out of love with each other and other people. How do their lives pan out in the end though?


12. Life changing news


Today, I am going to change everything.    

   I am going to change the future.    

   I’m going to talk to Megan.    

   I climb out of bed and get myself into the shower. I make sure everything’s perfect. It’s quarter past eleven. I need to waste time.    I take forever deciding what I’m going to wear; a checked shirt and faded jeans.    

   It’s half past. Should I go? Yes.    

   I grab a cereal bar from the kitchen cupboard, but then throw it back, I’m not hungry. I run out of the door, nearly swinging it off its worn hinges, and run out onto the road, onto Megan’s Drive. I can hear somebody round the back mowing the lawn.      

   Probably Jack.    

   I go up to the door. Should I knock? Yes.    

   I tap the door, three times only, and stand there. The seconds are ticking in my head, I feel myself flush with heat, and I think I’m going to pass out. The door opens. Megan’s standing there. As she looks up and is about to say something, she realises it’s me. She’s shuts the door so fast, but I stick my foot in the way, and when the door hits it, a crumbling pain comes crashing down on me. With my left shoulder, I use all my strength and weight to shove the door open again.    

   Megan stands there, dressed in a pair of yellow pyjama bottoms and a white vest top. She stutters, looks behind her, and then runs up the stairs. I pause for a second, letting my mind realise what just happened, and then my legs are carrying me up the stairs after her, at a pace. I get into her room just before she’s about to slam the door.    

   Then we’re stood together, not moving, but panting.    

   “What have I done?” I blurt out. She looks at me, but doesn’t reply.    

   “Megan. I love you, and I thought you loved me back. But now I’m not so sure.” The words come out like knives, sharp and hurtful.    

   “Dylan...” she whispers.    

   “No. I don’t know where I am anymore. You’ve been ignoring me for so long. I might as well give up.”    


   “What? I’m not like that, I know. I’d never give up on you. Even though it seems you’ve given up on me.”    

   “I haven’t... It’s just...”    

   “Just what? You thought it'd be funny to just leave me in the dark? I love you Megan!”    

   “You love me so much that you had to go and get me pregnant!” she shouts.     

   I replay the words to myself, and spell them out in my head, trying to get them into the right order, but they refuse to, instead jumbling them up to from a sentence that says, I’m pregnant.   

   Sometimes flying is overrated. Sometimes people need to just take a back seat on life and let life fly you, instead of trying to fly through life. Let things come, and let things go, try not to hold on, otherwise you get stuck.        

   “How long have you known?” I ask her, this time, no anger, just simple, plain and calm words.    

   “Just over a week. I found out from that blood test.”I can tell she wants to savor the words.    

   “So I guess that’s why you’ve been so ill...” Whenever I thought about hearing such news, I’d always thought I’d be so happy, but now I feel scared, alone, guilty, in trouble.    

   “Yeah.” She doesn’t say this coldly, but she’s definitely upset with me.    

   “Look Megan, I am so sorry. I wish I could change things.”    

   “So do I. But I feel like you don’t want this baby.”    

   “I do Megan, with all my heart. You have to give me time though, I’ve only just found out and it’s hard to get my head round it.”    

   “I never thought it would be that hard.” She’s not even looking at me; her head’s turned with every word she says.    

   “I thought that you would understand.” I tell her sadly, my heart so confused.    

   “It’s hard to understand you.”    

   “If we were a few years older, we would be so happy right now.” I say shaking my head in her direction.    

   “See, you clearly don’t want my child.”    

   “I do, I genuinely do, but now I’m beginning to wonder if you don’t.” This is going to be a big one; I’ve got that sort of feeling.    

   “I want this child so bad that I would rather die than not have it in my life, but at the moment it looks as if I am going to die!”    “You’re not going to die Megan. I’m not going to let you die; I’m going to look after you and the baby forever. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health.”    

   “I know I’m not, but I’m not well, what if this child has the same disability that my brother or sister had?”    

   “Then we’ll love it, and care for it, nurture it and give it the best life we possibly can, but I very much doubt it will.” I tell her. Now she looks at me.    

   “But Dylan, you don’t know.”    

   “Oh for god’s sake Megan, will you just drop it and kiss me?” She drops it. She kisses me. “We’re having a baby!” I exclaim quietly.    

   She giggles softly, “Our baby!” She grabs my hand and places it on her stomach. I look up from her stomach into her eyes, and she’s already looking at me, her face wiped over with sentiment and love. Then we kiss. It’s a kiss full of meaning, and I can’t help thinking that this could be the rest of my life; this will be the rest of my life.      

   Keep your eyes and your mind wide open so you can see new things that are coming your way, but keep a firm grip on the things you already have, and hold them close, you never know when they might get lost, or stolen from you. This way, you can keep looking for new things, and at the same time, never forget the old things.      

   Steve walks in, sees me and looks confused.    

   “Hello Dylan, you two okay now?”    

   “Yes Dad, we are.” Megan says, being quite assertive for Megan.    

   “Good. And are you feeling okay?”    

   “Yes thank you.”    

   “Good. When were you last sick?”    

   “About seven-ish this morning.” She tells him.    

   “Oh, that’s good then, getting better.” He’s talking very awkwardly.    

   “Yeah, yep I’m fine, I feel good.” He nods and walks out her room, gently closing the door after him.    

   “Does he know?” I ask her, my mind completely boggled.    

   “Know that I’m pregnant?”    


   “Course he does!” she says giggling. That’s confused me... But anyway, Megan and I are okay, there’s a baby on the way and I need to get home to tell my mum and dad they’re gonna” be grandparents!    

   “So, are you gonna' come round to mine to break the news to my parents?” I ask her.    

   “Oh god. What if they hate me?!”She worries.    

   “Megan, why the hell would they hate you?” I say, looking at her with a fond smile across my face.    

   “Because I’m turning them into old people, I’m turning them into grandparents when they’re only in their mid forties!”    

   “Is that really such a bad thing? Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t make you a different person.” I tell her.    

   “It feels like I am though!” She groans.    

   “Hormones!” I sing to her. She laughs and playfully hits my arm, tutting.    

   “Come on, get a move on, I’m bursting to tell them!” I urge her.    

   “Fine... But I’m getting changed! And doing my hair!” She says reluctantly.    

   “Megan! They don’t care if your hair’s not done!”    

   “Fair point...”    

   “Right. Get your slippers on and we’ll pop round.”    

   She does as she’s told, slipping two pink fluffy slippers on to her size four feet. I grab her hand and we walk out onto her front yard, I’m guessing the first proper fresh air she’s had in weeks. Despite it being August, the air is brisk, and Megan has her big fluffy dressing gown wrapped round her that I bought her two years back for Christmas.    

   We run up to the front door, like we have done so many times before, since we were the mere age of three, but this time, with news that will change our lives forever. I knock before swinging the door open and dragging Megan into the warm house after me.  

   My mum and dad are home.    

   We stumble into the lounge with beaming smiles, and I see my mum sat in the armchair, my dad spread out over the sofa reading the newspaper, both with a mug of tea in their hands.    

   “Hello my love!” My mum exclaims, making my dad look up from the sports section. His facial expression changes dramatically, from his “concentration” face to a face filled with warmth and love.    

   “Hey, look who I’ve dragged out from the black lagoon!” I say with a hint of light-hearted humour in my voice.    

   “Oh Megan!” My mum gushes, placing her tea down on the cream carpet and rushing over to kiss her.  

   She laughs, “Hiya Kayleigh!”    

   “How’re you keeping my love? Any better?”    

   “Yes thanks, I feel tons better today.”    

   “That’s so good to hear!” My mum coos, “And Dylan sweetheart, are you okay?”    

   “Yes thank you mum.” I say, giving her a tight squeeze.    

   “Fantastic.” She says, bumbling back to her arm chair for another sip of her tea. “Move over Ben, let Dylan and Megan sit down!” she ushers, wafting her hand at him.    

   He slowly sits up, fidgets round a bit and then plonks his feet onto the wooden coffee table that sits in the centre of our small lounge. I sit myself next to my dad and then pat the small space beside me, urging Megan to sit down. She does.    

   “It was lovely for you to come and see us darling.” My mum continues to fuss.    

   “Yeah, well you haven’t seen Megs for a while, neither have I really, and, well...” I look at Megan. She nods. “Megan and I have something to tell you.”This interrupts my dad from being his usual grumpy self.    

   He looks away from his paper for the second time, draws his reading glasses further down his nose and peers over the top of them, “Nothing wrong is there?”    

   I smile at Megan, and then at my parents.    

   I can’t believe this day is here.    

   “Wait!” My mum shouts.    

   “What?” I ask, feeling peeved.    

   “Do you want tea, coffee?” She says, standing up, putting her mug of tea down by my father’s feet that are heavily resting on the coffee table, and then places her hands on her lap, leaning towards us, waiting for a reply.    

   I look at Megan. “Yeah, please, if you don’t mind, could I have a hot chocolate?” She says, looking nervous and uncomfortable.    

   “Yes, of course darling. Dylan?”    

   “No, I’m fine thanks.” I tell her. She nods her head and bumbles out of the room, and I hear her putting the kettle on.    

   It’s awkward in the room, the silence is unnerving and my dad is sat in silence not even attempting to make us feel welcome.    

   “Here you go my love.” My mum says, handing Megan a mug of hot chocolate and sitting back in her chair.    

   “Thank you.” Megan almost whispers.    

   “Right, so, what do you have to tell us?” She asks excitedly.    

   “Well...” I say, my smile growing broader.    

   “Ben! Ben! They have to tell us something, meaning us!” My mum says, yet again wafting her hand at him.    

   He looks up towards her.    

   “Paper down!” She exclaims. He does as he’s told and then turns his attention towards Megan and I.    

   “Come on then, get on with it.” He grunts. My mum taps his foot, tutting.    

   He looks at her again, a quick glance, almost shouting out, “What have I done now?!”    

   “Do you want to say it?” I ask Megan.    

   “No, you do it.” She grins.    

   “Okay. Mum, Dad, Megan’s pregnant!”  

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